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21 Jun: FoL Summer Conference
3 Jul: LHN – Offsite manufacturing
5 Jul: Overcoming barriers: Croydon field trip

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Overcoming London’s Barriers

A12 severance

Our full-day conference on 21 June brings together our cross-sector network to share practical approaches to overcoming the impacts of London’s physical and administrative barriers. Read more and join the waiting list here.

Alumni Network

South Kilburn estate - Original estate homes (left) and recent additions (right).

In this guest post, LB Brent’s Rob Krzyszowski, an FLL alumnus, gives his perspective on the role that council planners can play in solving the housing crisis; provided there is a consistent policy landscape within which they can work. Read the full post

Connectivity in Olympic Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park straddles four boroughs and is bounded and partitioned by roads, railways and waterways. In May, FLL 18 visited the Park to see how London Legacy Development Corporation is bridging these divides. Read more.

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