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22 Jun: Council-Led Housing Forum: Risk Management
29 Jun: New York City virtual field trip
30 Jun: Leaders Plus 8 – Proposals for London


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Healthy neighbourhoods

How can the built environment and health sectors work together more effectively to reduce health inequalities? Our Tackling the health crisis together event explored this, showing how collaboration can help create healthy places. Watch it here.

Data-driven high streets

High streets will be critical to our post-Covid recovery. This month, we take a look at the GLA’s new London High Streets Data Service, exploring how access to good and affordable data can contribute to a sustainable and equitable recovery. Read here.

Community-led culture

culture and community-led recovery

Alumni Rep and LB Lambeth’s Head of High Streets Laura Davy writes about the importance of local leadership in supporting community-led culture and its role in our recovery from Covid in this guest blog post. Read more here.

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