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26 Jan: Council-Led Housing Forum – Programme Management
26 Jan: Speaker Showcase
27 Jan: City Makers’ Forum: Levelling Up London

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Affordable home challenges

How will enhanced fire safety, ambitious net zero targets, the Brexit fallout and Covid-19 impact public-sector housing? We invited Rickardo Hyatt, Barbara Brownlee and Peter Denton to explore how we tackle these thorny issues. Find out here.

Culture at speed

To build a hospital in 13 days is a big challenge. To build a culture in 13 days is even bigger! GM Leaders Plus alum John Herring explains what we can learn from how NHS Nightingale North West’s ‘one workforce’ culture responded to Covid. Read here.

Proposals for Gtr Manchester

As a fitting close to 2020, candidates from the first round of GM Leaders Plus presented three ambitious Proposals for Greater Manchester to invited sponsors, course contributors, nominators and London alumni. Read their personal pitches for change here.

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