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Upcoming Future of London events

23 Apr: Council-Led Housing Forum – Project inception and planning
24 Apr: Foundations for Community-Led Housing – Workshop: land and planning
25: Apr: Social Value in Procurement Roundtable

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Co-production workshop

The concept of co-production is gaining traction, and although the idea is simple, knowing how to get started is more complex. FoL’s workshop invited cross-sector delegates to learn from active examples of co-production in housing and regeneration, and to work out a way forward. Read the write-up.

Knowledge Hub

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FoL is working with GLA Skills & Employment, Rocket Science and the ERSA on the consultation for a new Skills & Employment Knowledge Hub for Londoners. A resource for policymakers, employers, training providers and learners, user input is key to making the hub a success. Find out more and get involved.

FLL20 Proposals for London

Under the theme of culture, FLL20’s Proposals for London ranged from the use of local cultural anchors to catalyse regeneration to community-led housing as a model for meaningful cultural expression to the decentralisation of London’s cultural mega institutions. Read about the proposals and winners here.

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