Sustainable legacies

On Friday, 17th of September the first group of Rising Stars were treated to an informative tour of the Olympic Park site by Delia Beddis from the Olympic Legacy Company and a thought provoking discussion by Dr Simon Bell, whom will be leading the much anticipated Sustainability Masterclass in October.
We viewed the construction progress of the amazing facilities that are being provided in the Olympic Park for when the spot light is on the East End during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012; however the real focus for the tour was around the ‘legacy’ regeneration opportunities that the park presents.

A strong ‘sustainable’ theme resounded through the discussions on legacy opportunities and the importance for these opportunities to transform into sustainable communities for the host Boroughs both individually and collectively post 2012.

This appreciation set the scene for our Sustainability Masterclass where we will learn through discussion and exchange of ideas on the 2012 Olympic Case Study:

• What is/are the communities?
• What is sustainability?
• How will we know when we have achieved sustainable communities in the future?

Brodie McKean

LB Hackney