MIPIM 2011 – paying for growth with growth?

It’s that time of year again where big players in the development industry from all sectors head to MIPIM to network and discuss the major issues of the day. The most pressing of these issues undoubtedly surrounds the financing of infrastructure investments in the context of significantly reduced public sector expenditure.

This was the theme of an interview I took part in with the authors of the MIPIM Preview Magazine this year, with a particular focus on the potential for Tax Increment Financing to bridge the investment gap. You can read the full MIPIM Preview Magazine below, with the TIF article beginning on page 60. As you can see, I’m very sceptical of the notion that TIF represents a panacea for Government cuts, and argue that while in certain circumstances it will provide the means to unlock development, in many others, it won’t be the right tool to use.

We’ll be debating these issues, and others, in our next Breakfast Seminar, which will consider and assess a whole range of potential funding mechanisms including TIF, the New Homes Bonus and CIL and how they might be combined to deliver investment going forward.

Ben H