The future of affordable housing in London

Over the next three months, Future of London is convening a series of senior roundtable discussions for London practitioners, focused on the future of affordable housing in London.

Housing, and in particular affordable housing, is a key issue for the Capital. The Coalition Government has introduced a raft of reforms impacting the definition and the provision of affordable housing, all of which have big implications for London, which boasts a unique housing and development market relative to the rest of the UK.

Chaired by David Lunts, Executive Director for Housing at the GLA, and supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, these events will consider the following headline questions:

  • What policy objectives are London Boroughs trying to meet when delivering “affordable housing”?
  • Who are the different target groups of people they are trying to reach and assist?
  • How well served are these groups by the current range of tools, mechanisms and funding pots available for the delivery of affordable housing?
  • What will the Affordable Rent Model deliver for London Boroughs?
  • What are the additional policy tools that can be used to deliver a housing offer at target rent levels?
  • What should the housing delivery landscape look like post 2015?

Attendance at these events is strictly limited, and open only to members of Future of London. To express an interest in attending, or to join Future of London as a member, please contact Jo Wilson.