Series summary: The future of London’s private rented sector

Future of London has published a series summary The future of London's private rented sector, based on the series of breakfast seminars we ran with the support of PWC in November and December 2012.

The private rented sector in the UK can be defined as any property that is privately owned and being rented out as housing, usually by an individual landlord, but potentially by housing organisations. As other tenures decline across the country, it is the fastest growing sector in the country, predicted to surpass social rented housing imminently. However, the PRS is not immune to the challenges facing the construction industry, and a focus on increasing the supply of new build homes for market rent is required if the PRS is to provide homes of sufficient size, quality and rental cost for a diverse range of tenants. This will be all the more important in 2013, when the benefits cap is likely to have an adverse effect on housing choice, particularly for those living in London.

With these opportunities and challenges in mind, our event series examined London’s PRS landscape. Drawing from thoseconversations, our series summary examines the emerging themes from the events. Consequently, the paper does not try to cover all aspects of the sector, instead focusing on the national and London policy agenda, attitudes to landlord accreditation and the challenges of attracting institutional investment.

Thanks to everyone that took part in the seminars, particularly the speakers: Terrie Alafat (DCLG), Richard Hill (HCA), Professor Christine Whitehead (LSE), Jamie Ratcliff (GLA), Ian Doolittle (Trowers and Hamlins), Andrew Heywood (independent housing consultant), Chris Norris (National Landlords Association), Harvey Griffiths (HIF Group), David Montague (L&Q London Housing Association), and John Webber (PwC).

The three events in the Future of the Private Rented Sector series were:

The Future of the Private Rented Sector: Policy Landscape • 8 November 2012
A write-up of this event is available here.

The Future of the Private Rented Sector: Regulation and Reform • 29 November 2012
A write-up of this event is available here.

The Future of the Private Rented Sector: New Investment Models • 6 December 2012