New research project on the Affordable Rent Model

With the support of Oak Foundation, Future of London is undertaking a new research project on the Affordable Rent Model. Our objective is to research, evaluate and make policy recommendations regarding the use and viability of the ARM as a means of building new affordable housing in London.

Specific research themes will include:

  • Assessing the number and location of new affordable homes being delivered by the ARM, and the mix of rental rates and allocations policies associated with them;
  • Considering emerging best practice and innovative approaches to delivery, both under ARM and through other means, such as the use of public sector assets, innovative partnership arrangements and additional revenue streams;
  • Providing recommendations in view of the end of the current programme in 2015, to inform policymakers of what the future delivery model should look like.

This project is part of a broad research programme into London’s housing challenge that Future of London began in 2012. So far, we have reviewed the affordable housing situation in London (paper to be published March 2013), investigated the impact of overseas investment on London’s housing market (see London for Sale?) and produced a seminar series and short briefing on the future of London’s private rented sector.

Future of London associate Andrew Heywood will lead the research. Andrew is a consultant specialising in housing and mortgage markets, regulation, governance and European issues, with significant clients in the housing and mortgage sectors. He is also editor of the journal Housing Finance International.

As more details about this research project become available, they will be posted on our website. Please check back for updates.