New anthology – London’s Transport Network: Adaptation and evolution

London Transport Network coverIn Spring 2013, Future of London began looking at transport planning in London, and at how it can adapt to changes in demographics and urban form, and influence sustainable travel choices. In partnership with Transport for London, we ran a three-part seminar series – ‘London’s Transport Network: Adaptation and evolution’ – that examined adapting to changing demographics, challenging travel behaviours and shaping the road network.

FoL has now released an anthology that builds on these seminars, launched in parallel with the March 5th RTPI centenary event ‘The Connected City: The development of London’s transport infrastructure’, chaired by FoL director Lisa Taylor and featuring speakers from across the sector.

This publication is meant to be a resource for practitioners delivering transport on the ground today, and a platform for considering different approaches in strategic planning going forward. Contributions from seminar speakers and other engaged professionals include:

Can the shift away from private transport keep pace with growth?
Simon Nielsen, Head of Strategic Analysis, Transport for London
The big picture: trends to date, and challenges to come

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink – Why we’re all choice architects now
Ben Plowden, Director of Strategy and Planning, Surface Transport, Transport for London
Carrots, sticks, feathers and hammers: settling in for the steady work of changing Londoners’ behaviours when it comes to transport choices

The important role of transport in public health
Lucy Saunders (FFPH), Public Health Specialist, Greater London Authority and Transport for London
Building partnerships to save lives: looking beyond road safety and air quality to the physical health benefits borough and transport authorities can deliver

London’s most efficient transport choice: The bicycle?
German Dector-Vega, Director, Sustrans London
An ode to cycling: the many arguments in favour of prioritising ‘the humble bicycle’ – even for those who may never ride one

The challenges facing London’s roads
Edward Rhys-Thomas, Principal Policy Advisor, Transport for London
Parsing the functions of London’s roads to ensure policies and improvements do the job for the people who use them, and for the city as a whole

Paving the way for an optimal road network
Jennifer Johnson with materials from John Dales, Urban Movement, and Peter Jones, UCL
A snapshot of the work of the Roads Task Force,  and considerations in putting its framework into practice

Smarter Streets are the future of London
Tim Long, Principal Transport Planner, LB Camden
Optimising streetscape to create enjoyable urban space – and to help develop the mode-share London needs to combat congestion

London’s Transport Network: Adaptation and evolution’ is available for download here [PDF].

What’s clear through this anthology, and through the RTPI event, is that London’s transport system is at a critical juncture. The network must adapt to new population pressures, and evolve in the way it supports healthier and more sustainable travel choices. Both our publication and the RTPI speakers argue for working across multiple tiers; rethinking how we ascribe value to major projects; and keeping the ‘humble’ elements – streetscape, maintenance, and people – firmly in mind. There’s clearly work to be done, and Future of London will continue to support capacity-building and knowledge-sharing in the sector.