Leaders inspiration: One change for a better London?

The culminating module of the Future London Leaders programme is the Key Questions presentation, which gives FLL candidates a chance to engage in some blue-sky thinking and apply the skills they have learned in other elements of the programme.

With a new format in FLL Round Seven, candidates explored a topic of their choice in response to the following question:

What one intervention (or change) would you put in place to make for a better London?

Using the timed and highly visual PechaKucha style, candidates gave inspiring, creative presentations on a wide range of ideas, from the community right to evaluate design to a strategy to combat empty homes, and from 3D print solution to the housing crisis to planning playspace for kids of all ages.

The candidates, mentors and supports in attendance voted by ballot for their picks for the best presentation in three categories. The winners, who were announced at the graduation event, and their presentation ideas are:

Favourite idea

1-DSC_0472_056Cathy Bacon, Development Manager at Peabody:
Restoring the lost rivers of London

The presentation examines the case for restoring the lost rivers of London, including reviewing the historical context; the benefits of waterways in an urban environment; and looking at a case study of a river that has been successfully reinstated. The presentation concludes by looking at three specific opportunities within inner London for restoring an original watercourse.

Most feasible

Anna BolsinAnna Bolsin, Development and Investment Project Officer, LB Waltham Forest:
Five year tenancies for private renters would mean ‘Home Sweet Home’ for millions of Londoners

One in four Londoners live in private rented accommodation, including thousands of families with children. But does the private rented sector meet the needs of the growing number of people who live in it? With average tenancies of just 6-12 months, renting does not currently offer people the security they need to put down roots in a community or to create a stable life for their families. The introduction of minimum five year tenancies for renters has the potential to make London a better place for millions of its residents.

Best pitch

1-DSC_0465_059Mark Frost, Head of Traffic and Transport, LB Hounslow:

The sharing economy – How will this impact how we move around the Capital?
Collaborative consumption of private transport services and assets will radically change the way we use our city, and potentially free up valuable space for development.


Congratulations to the winners, and to all the candidates for their presentations!