Roundtable: Delivering Infill Development


Designed partly to supplement the Mayor’s draft Infrastructure Investment Plan, Future of London’s multi-part London 2050 programme looks at the spatial and practical aspects of accommodating growth. It started with an internal FoL Steering Group presentation, and expanded to a June 2014 session at City Hall: London 2050 – Grow up or grow out?.

This senior roundtable is the second in a series of follow-up events and briefings that will look in depth at delivery and governance issues.

Unlocking new development sites through transport infrastructure features in the London Plan and Infrastructure Investment Plan, as does large-scale development in identified Opportunity Areas. These approaches are critical in accommodating London’s growth, but they aren’t the only solutions. Enter the “in-between proposition” (Chris Hall, GVA, 11th June 2014): using capacity within the built-up fabric.

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment [PDF] identifies housing capacity in London. Small sites (defined as sites under 0.25ha, including new build, conversions and change of use) play an important role in the 2013 SHLAA, where projected development on such sites totals 106,476 homes in 2015-2025. A further 7,550 homes will be delivered by returning long-term vacant properties into use. The impact of these sources of capacity in 2015-2025 is significant:

  • For seven London boroughs, these sources form at least 50% of their 2015-2025 targets;
  • In seven London boroughs, expected delivery from these sources exceeds 5,000 homes.

Opportunities for infill development go beyond small sites and vacant properties. Large-scale regeneration schemes, including on housing estates, can involve redevelopment with more housing units while improving quality of place. The changing nature of town centres, high streets and commercial space offer even more options.

Kindly hosted by Arup, this senior roundtable – and a follow-up briefing available on our website – is about making infill development work. With an emphasis on public-sector interventions, this event will focus on how to enable the identification, viability and delivery of homes on these sites.

Delivering infill development
Date: Thursday, 30th October 2014
Time: 9.00-10.30
Venue: Arup, 8 Fitzroy St, London W1T 4BQ

This event is by invitation only. For more information about this roundtable or other work in this series, please get in touch with Jennifer Johnson.

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