Communities in Transition: Wembley


Our Communities in Transition field trip series kicks off again on 15th April with a visit to Wembley, the home of the national football stadium and a major growth area for Brent council. In keeping with our 2015 theme of anchor regeneration, the visit will explore the impact of the stadium on the regeneration of the wider area.

Wembley is a key focus for LB Brent: the council’s 2010 core strategy sees the area as the main driver of economic development and employment growth in the borough. Wembley is home to around 10% of Brent’s residents, and is the focus for growth in the borough. The area has the potential to deliver up to 40% of Brent’s housing targets, with around 45% of this being met in the 85-acre Wembley Park development.

The council’s Wembley Calling vision document lays out the council’s ambitions for the area: 10,000 more homes and an additional 10,000 jobs over 10 years. The area has already seen significant change in recent years: the iconic national stadium was rebuilt in 2007, and the council’s new civic centre and Quintain’s London Designer Outlet opened in 2013.

At a smaller scale, Wembley has seen a number of innovative meanwhile projects, including the Wembley Civic University and the Coming Soon Club.

Across London football clubs are seeking to invest in new stadiums, often in or near key regeneration sites. As major local employers and drivers of footfall, stadiums have the potential to make a significant impact on local economies and built environment, with transport, retail and housing often playing a prominent role in new developments.

This visit will look at how to capitalise on visitors brought in on event days and encourage them to spend more time in the area before and after events; how to link new stadiums and related development to existing retail and commercial offerings; and how to make sure existing residents benefit from new job opportunities in the area.

This visit will run from 3:00 – 5:00 PM on Wednesday, 15th April, followed by networking over drinks.

The trip is free to attend, but space is limited and registration is required. To register your interest, please email If you have secured a spot, you will receive a confirmation email.

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