Stresses and Shocks – Helping London’s public sector respond to climate risk

Future of London, University College London and Arup will hold a senior roundtable on 12th November, on assessing and improving the London public sector response to growing environmental risk – both chronic or everyday stresses and severe or one-time shocks.

The session will bring together key stakeholders to analyse how London’s public sector is (a) dealing with growing environmental stresses such as poor air quality and overheating buildings and (b) preparing for major shocks such as severe storms and floods.

This is the first session in Future of London’s 12-month research programme, Managing London’s Exposure to Climate Change, to assess – and help improve – the readiness of London’s public property owners and critical service providers to mitigate, adapt to and insure against environmental risks. The research will consider the strategic roles of pan-London and local government and registered housing providers, as well as the influencing and support capacity of insurers, investors, planners, technical specialists and public opinion. How can these actors reduce the Capital’s legal, financial and functional exposure to climate risk?

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