Future London Leaders 13: Proposals for London


Future London Leaders Round 13 wrapped on 14th September with ‘Proposals for London’ about the potential of innovative workspace for economic development, employment and regeneration. The final task before graduation, this was an invitation to combine research with out-of-the-box thinking and personal experience.

The presentations set a new bar for closing presentations, and showed how much the group gained from their leadership skills sessions and new presentation coaching workshop.

Their FLL course coupled those sessions with a professional ethics seminar, field trips to see Brixton and Loughborough workspace, to hear about build-to-rent and permitted development impacts in Archway, and to get an inside view of key challenges and operations at London Legacy Development Corp. as part of their ‘organisational raid’.

For the proposals, candidates chose a workspace in inner or outer London, outlined the context of the area, and spent some time there to round out their research and find out what the space offers start-up and other occupants as well as the surrounding area.

The audience included mentors, course presenters, FoL board members, sponsors and friends of Future of London. All of them voted on the proposals, with the following results:

Favourite Idea

Daniel Davies Profile Shot FLL (2)

Daniel Davies, Senior Planner (Strategic Applications Team), LB Southwark: Buy, Give, Work

‘Buy to give’ is a popular concept. If you’re going to buy a pair of shoes why not buy a pair that gives someone in need a pair of shoes too? The idea underlying buy to give efforts is that with a simple purchase we are actively participating in creating social change and making the world a better place. But can this idea work in the context of London? Can buy to give be used to support new SME’s and make London economy more resilient?

Most feasible

Sarah Coutts (2)

Sarah Coutts, Area Manager, Greater London Authority:                                  Art Guard: Guardianship with positive social impact

Could Art Guard present a multi-faceted solution to longstanding issues with guardianship and retaining creative talent in London? Developed by Nick Hartwright, founder of The Millco Project, and managed by property guardian veteran George Moustakas, Art Guard is a not-for-profit guardianship scheme benefiting gifted people struggling to survive and work in the Arts in London. This project offers the opportunity for artist to live and work affordably, whilst providing a solution for property owners who wish to see their vacant assets provide a positive social impact.

Best pitch

Adam Barnett

Adam Barnett, Principal Planner, LB Islington: Workspace meets playspace

Starting a business is tough, starting a family tougher. Doing both, impossible! Well, that’s changing. A small, yet no so quiet, revolution in workspace is taking place. A few people have spotted a gap in the market: bring together workspace and childcare in one venue. Bloomsbury Beginnings is one of these ventures. Combining pop-up workspace with a crèche, it gives mums (+dads) an affordable and social way to develop their business. It also helps tackle maternal unemployment, giving parents a more flexible route to return to work. So how can we supercharge the growth of this workspace and create revolution in the way we work?


The presentations were followed by a short graduation ceremony, where candidates received certificates, were congratulated by FoL board director Brendon Walsh of LB Hounslow and welcomed to the Alumni Network by Steering Group rep Jo Mortensen. Core sponsor Arup kindly hosted the whole event, and joined the Proposals audience.

fll13-josie fll13-audience fll24-adam

Looking ahead, Future London Leaders Round 14 launched on 21st September, followed by the 4th October launch of the fourth round of ‘next-step’ programme Leaders Plus. To find out more about these bespoke professional development courses, visit our Leaders Programmes pages.

For now, best of luck to all our FLL13 graduates and mentors, and keep in touch!

Congratulations to Future London Leaders Round 13 candidates:

  • Jacquie Agyemang-Johnson, Development Manager, Sanctuary Housing
  • Afraa Ali, Regeneration Officer, LB Enfield
  • Max Anderson, Project Manager – Estate Regeneration, LB Hackney
  • Adam Barnett, Principal Planner, LB Islington
  • Hermione Brightwell, Area Renewal Project Manager, LB Sutton
  • Sarah Coutts, Area Manager, Greater London Authority
  • Daniel Davies, Senior Planner, LB Southwark
  • Fortune Gumbo, Acting Team Leader – Development Management, LB Haringey
  • Kelly Harris, Planning Manager, Notting Hill Housing
  • Bethan James, Senior Development Officer, Greater London Authority
  • David Jowsey, Principal Policy Advisor, Transport for London
  • Carolyn Roche, Skills & Enterprise Project Manager, LB Barnet
  • Will Steadman, Senior Planning Development Manager, London Legacy Development Corp.
  • James Tolley, Construction Manager, Sanctuary Group
  • Josephine Vos, Principal Policy Advisor, Transport for London
  • Jo Wilson, Head of Policy, Future of London

Thank you to Future London Leaders Round 13 Mentors:

  • Mark Baigent, Independent Consultant
  • Philippa Bancroft, Senior Development Manager, Greater London Authority
  • Sally Blomfield, Area Renewal Programme Manager, LB Sutton
  • Paul Bridge, Independent Consultant
  • Anne Byrne, Head of Regeneration (Woodberry Down), LB Hackney
  • Jamie Carswell, Board member, Phoenix Community Housing
  • Chris Cheesman, Director, Ikon Consultancy Ltd.
  • Linda Convery, Partner, TLT Solicitors
  • Helen Fisher, Tottenham Programme Director, LB Haringey
  • Steve Kennard, Director of Regeneration, Hadley Property Group
  • Andreas Markides, Partner, Odyssey Markides
  • Stephen McDonald, Director of Place, Re/Barnet
  • Tim Naylor, Head of Regeneration & Partnerships, LB Croydon
  • Peter Quinn, Board Director, Lovell
  • Anita Rivera, Partner, Mishcon de Reya
  • Nick Taylor, Head of Area, Greater London Authority

Future London Leaders is hosted by Lewis Silkin and sponsored by Lovell and Re.  The programme is known across London as the top leadership programme for the public sector, and has more than 220 graduates in its Alumni Network.