Priorities for Transport in a Growing London


As Sadiq Khan settles into City Hall and puts his election manifesto into action, a number of new policies and strategies are emerging to guide growth in and around London. Key among these is the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. The new MTS, being prepared by Transport for London and to be published in early 2017, will detail the mayor’s ambitions for London’s transport network.

Transport relates directly to critical issues such as housing, population growth and air quality. How will the MTS unlock opportunities to deliver housing, workspace and economic growth? What is the role of local authorities in supporting, enabling and/or delivering MTS ambitions, and how will the MTS support local authorities in delivering their public health and environment obligations? How will strategies differ between inner and outer London?

Underlying all this, what mechanisms will ensure the MTS can be delivered in the face of new funding cuts at TfL and ongoing ones at borough level?

Through a series of breakfast events developed in partnership with TfL, Future of London will provide a forum to discuss London’s emerging transport priorities as well as the role of local authorities, the GLA, housing associations and their private and third-sector partners to deliver them. These are designed to be two-way conversations with input from all key stakeholder groups.

This project builds on Future of London’s previous transport-related work, including our influential Crossrail as Catalyst report and 2013 series on the adaptation and evolution of London’s transport network.

The series will take place 10th Nov (MTS overview, kicked off by Deputy Mayor Val Shawcross and TfL Borough Relations Director Lucinda Turner), 23rd Nov (major projects, including opportunity areas and river crossings), and 6th Dec (local impacts and streetscape).

Space at these events is limited – to request a place, please fill out this form.