Design Council Head of Cities to join FoL


On behalf of the FoL team and board, I’m delighted to announce our permanent Head of Networks – Nicola Mathers, currently Head of the Cities Programme at Design Council, will start on 20th March.

Nicola brings a wealth of expertise in strategy, senior stakeholder, technical and funding matters. In the Future of London role, created in 2016 and ably filled part-time by Interim Vanessa Pilla, Nicola will effectively be our ‘senior connector’: overseeing our Steering Group, Mentor, Partner and Diversity networks; leading Leaders and Housing Zones Network strategy and content; and working with me on external affairs and business development.

Nicola also brings a welcome element to FoL’s network via the Design Council family. Their very positive announcement is below, and we’re keen to do more with them. 

Personally, I’m looking forward to sharing the load, but even more to all that Future of London can deliver with this added resource. Nicola’s joining us for as many events as she can before starting, so we’ll be sure to introduce you! 

All the best –

Lisa Taylor, Chief Executive 

Dear Built Environment Expert,
As a valued member of our BEE community, I’d like to let you know in advance that Nicola Mathers, Head of our Cities Programme, will be leaving Design Council in March. She will be taking up a new position as Head of Networks at Future of London, a membership-driven policy network connecting professionals in housing, regeneration, infrastructure and economic development. This is a great opportunity for Nicola and we are looking forward to building a relationship with Future of London through Nicola’s move. We are delighted for Nicola and very pleased that she has also agreed to retain a strategic oversight role for Design Council, on a part time basis, of the Inclusive Environments programme which she has driven so successfully over the past 3 years…
Victor Callister, Deputy Director of Architecture & Built Environment, Design Council