Crossrail regeneration update

Crossrail regeneration opportunities

As Crossrail draws closer to its launch date, Future of London is returning to our research on how Europe’s largest construction project is affecting development activity in the capital.

Our 2014 report, Crossrail as Catalyst explored the ways local authorities were rising to the challenge of making sure areas with new stations benefit fully from the increased connectivity and investment offered by Crossrail.

Now, working with Crossrail and GVA, Future of London is returning to this topic to see what has changed in the last three years. Through interviews with local authority experts and local stakeholders, we will be gathering an up-to-date picture of Crossrail’s regeneration impact: how local authorities are reacting to new opportunities; planning for the future; ensuring high quality public spaces; and mitigating disruption.

This work will form part of a wider report, with GVA updating their 2012 Property Impact Study and 2014 Development Pipeline Study. The research will be launched in autumn 2017 – sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.

If you would like to contribute to this project, you can get in touch at: