2017 in review: your feedback

One of Future of London’s greatest assets is our network of individuals and organisations, all working to build a more liveable London. To help you along, FoL provides frequent opportunities to meet, make connections, learn about new and relevant topics, share experiences and explore best practice.

In 2017, we started collecting more detailed feedback, to better understand how well our events and publications meet our network’s needs and expectations. Key findings:

  • We held around 50 public events – nearly one per week!
  • More than 1,000 individuals attended our events, representing 350 organisations.
  • Just over half of attendees come from London’s public sector or housing associations; the rest are a mix of consultants, developers, architects and designers, community/charity/third sector, and more.
  • Our events attracted a mix of career levels, with a ratio of around 1:2:2 for early/mid/senior-career individuals.
  • Top reasons for attending FoL events were to keep up with what’s happening in the sector, learn about new topics and topics relevant to work, and meet new people.
  • Almost all respondents said they could apply something learned at an event to their day-to-day work. Many also found events useful for meeting new people or reconnecting with former colleagues.
  • Most respondents were happy with the usefulness and detail of our publications and blog posts (80%+ rated them ‘good’ or ‘very good’), but said they could be easier to find on our website – something we’ll fix with our website redesign, set to launch on 2 April.

We’ll continue to seek feedback from all of you, so we can provide ever more useful and interesting programming – be sure to fill out a feedback card at events, watch for a link to an online feedback form in post-event emails, or get in touch at events@futureoflondon.org.uk. Future of London is your network, and we want you to get the most from us and each other!

Thank you to everyone who filled out a feedback form or the 2017 end-of-year survey, and congratulations to Hasanul Haque of Camden Collective, winner of the survey prize draw!

FoL 2017 collage