Future London Leaders 17: Proposals for London


Future London Leaders Round 17 wrapped on 7th March with ‘Proposals for London’ based on the programme theme of “Working with Communities”. The final task before graduation was an invitation to combine research with out-of-the-box thinking and personal experience.

In addition to leadership skills sessions, the FLL17 programme included field trips involving community groups in Peckham and London Gypsies & Travellers work in Hackney plus a workshop led by Architecture Sans Frontières.

For the proposals, candidates focused on topics ranging from engaging communities to rethinking renting, applied to their own work or to a wider London context.

The audience included mentors, course presenters, FoL board members, sponsors and friends of Future of London. All voted on the proposals, with the following results:

Favourite Idea

Robert Reeds, Senior Planner, Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation

Air Quality and Active travel – can schools lead the way?

Whilst great progress has been made in recent years in policy direction to promote active travel, our reliance on using the car in certain parts of London is a barrier to improving public health, promoting better placemaking and endorsing positive attitudes towards walking and cycling. Robert’s presentation introduced the issue of air quality around schools, investigated the impacts of our travel choices and outlined what schools can do to drive key initiatives from the grassroots level and to promote long-term modal shift to the way we travel.

Most feasible

Joanna Casey, Project Manager, Hyde Housing

Getting a leg up onto the ladder: a fresh approach for the first-time buyer community

There is a community in London, not defined in the traditional sense by locality, but spread throughout every part of the capital. A community defined by a common interest: the shared aim of getting a foot on the property ladder. They are the first-time buyer community. My Proposal for London explores an alternative approach for housing associations to dispose of properties, making  them available exclusively to FTBs. Working collaboratively with relevant stakeholders across London, we can explore the opportunity to increase the supply, availability and choice of homes for FTBs, whilst supporting and stabilising established communities.


Best pitch

Alex Clarke, Housing Options & Advice Manager (Families), LB Lewisham

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Catford?

Catford town centre is an area crying out for redevelopment, having suffered years of poor urban design and architecture. It is also seemingly impervious to the wave of gentrification that has affected so much of South East London in recent years. It has gained a reputation for being ugly and unloved. But scratch the surface and you will find that Catford is a vibrant place with a real sense of community, driven primarily by the large number of small independent businesses in the area. How can you revitalise an area without damaging its character? Can Catford be brought kicking and screaming into the 21st Century without losing its soul?

The presentations were followed by a graduation ceremony; thanks to FoL core sponsor GVA, who kindly hosted the whole event.

Looking ahead, Future London Leaders Round 18 is in full swing and will graduate on 13th June, with Round 19 starting on 25th April, 2018. To find out more about our bespoke professional development courses, visit our Leaders Programmes pages.

For now, best of luck to all our FLL17 graduates and mentors, and keep in touch!

  • Joanna Casey, Project Manager, Hyde Housing
  • Kate Cowan, Project Manager, LB Waltham Forest
  • Alex Clarke, Housing Options & Advice Manager (Families), LB Lewisham
  • Michael Forrester, Principal Planning Manager, LB Lewisham
  • Leo Hammond, Associate, Pollard Thomas Edwards
  • Owain Jones, Neighbourhood Delivery Lead, LB Lambeth
  • Lizze Le Mare, Associate, Tibbalds
  • Megan Life, Senior Projects Officer, Greater London Authority
  • Kuheli Mookerjee, Area Manager, Greater London Authority
  • Hannah Parker, Enforcement and Appeals Team Leader, LB Redbridge
  • Robert Reeds, Senior Planner, Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation
  • Nicola Townsend, North Team Leader, Development Management, LB Croydon
  • Jack Tyrell-Killian, Project Manager, Swan Housing
  • Max Von Bradsky, Project Manager, Swan Housing
  • Rachel Williamson, Strategic Lead-Entrepreneurial Barnet & Welfare Reform, LB Barnet
  • Tom Williamson, Development Manager, Peabody

* * *

A big thanks also to Future London Leaders Round 17 Mentors:

  • Karen Barke, Head of Estate Regeneration, LB Hackney
  • Sophie Camburn, Associate Director, Arup
  • Chris Cheeseman, Director, Ikon Consultancy
  • Fiona Duncan, Head of Area, Greater London Authority
  • Andy Gatrell, Director of Development, Swan Housing
  • Ros Goode, Head of London, GVA
  • Dipa Joshi, Director, Assael Architecture
  • Debra Levison, Senior Manager, Housing Programmes & Services, Greater London Authority
  • Michael Mulhern, Director of Planning, Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation
  • Jackie Odunoye, Operational Director of Housing, LB Redbridge
  • Ted Rayment, Assistant Director – Development, City of London
  • Hilary Satchwell, Director, Tibbalds Planning & Urban Design
  • Nicola Tilbury, Partner, Potter Raper Partnership
  • Carl Vann, Partner, Pollard Thomas Edwards
  • Simon Vevers, Regeneration & Strategic Partnerships Director, Hyde Housing
  • Eleanor Young, Partner, Blackstock Partnership

Future London Leaders is hosted by Lewis Silkin and sponsored in part by Lovell. The programme is known across London as the top leadership programme for the public sector, and has more than 330 graduates in its Alumni Network.