London’s future leaders

There has never been a more challenging and exciting time to live and work in London. The pace of change is fast and shows no sign of stopping.

The capital will need leaders who can manage this shifting and complex landscape. But what will the future challenges be and what kind of leadership is required?

Speakers (from left): Elly Hoult, Sowmya Parthasarathy & Oli Pinch 

On 1 November, Future of London brought graduates from some of the capital’s top leadership programmes and networks together. Alumni from Leadership 2025, UKGBC’s Future Leaders, City & Westminster Property Association’s Next Gen and the Academy of Urbanism’s Young Urbanists joined Future of London’s Leaders to share experience and connect with one another.

These programmes may differ in their approach, but they share a common goal: to equip future leaders with the confidence, skills and knowledge they’ll need to lead.

But this may not be enough. Urban professionals also require connections and a diverse network to draw upon. This event, kindly hosted by Arup, sought to address that challenge.

Two guest speakers were invited to offer short provocations on the importance of next gen programmes and the power of networks.

First, Sowmya Parthasarathy, Associate Director – Integrated City Planning at Arup described Arup’s approach to leadership training. Their focus is on people and supporting their development above all else, prioritising the common good over personal self-development.

Second, Elly Hoult, Programme Director at Notting Hill Genesis and Chair of CIH Futures highlighted the importance of mentorships in professional development. Sometimes seen as a mechanism to support only very early career professionals, mentoring can open doors, provide new perspective and insight, develop self-esteem and help people operate more effectively and confidently in the workplace. It should be utilised at every stage of a career.

Ultimately, your networks are your colleagues, clients, collaborators and counsellors. Sharing experience and learning from them will help you go further and achieve more.

This event was just the start. Future of London wants to establish a cross-sector, interdisciplinary network that complements existing leadership programmes by building collective resilience and a spirit of collaboration.

We want to bring as many of London’s future leaders together as possible. If you’d like to be involved in our next event, contact us.