Anna Odedun, Head of KnowledgeAnna Odedun
Head of Knowledge

020 7253 6758


Anna joined Future of London in early 2020 as the Head of Knowledge. Prior to this, Anna was a researcher and strategist who has also trained as a Landscape Architect.

As a Research Director, Anna has been involved in a cross-sector research & innovation programme investigating the potential of smart lamp-posts, she has explored the changing nature of health and wellbeing in London, and she has helped develop a network of free-to-use high street hubs which aim to help plug the UK’s digital skills gap.

As a Landscape Architect, Anna cares deeply about how insights identified by research can be translated into real-world solutions. She is a founding member of ‘Landscape for Future,’ a coalition of built environment professionals concerned with climate change, and she is also the co-author of the conference paper ‘I don’t like nature’ which explores minority group experiences of public green space and the related considerations for design professionals.