Andrew Heywood

Andrew Heywood



Andrew Heywood is a consultant specialising in housing and mortgage markets, regulation, governance and European issues, with significant clients in the housing and mortgage sectors. He is also editor of the journal Housing Finance International.

He produced Future of London’s reports on the Affordable Rent Model in London and overseas investment in the London property market. Both reports were produced in partnership with the Smith Institute, where he is a visiting fellow.

Andrew was also a speaker at our 2012 event series on the future of the private rented sector in London, where he spoke on a panel on regulation and reform.

Previous Work

In his former role as deputy head of policy at the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Andrew  had specific responsibility for lending for social and affordable housing, low-cost home-ownership products and the private rental sector. He led the Council’s work on European  issues, focusing particularly on mortgage and consumer credit regulation and also co-ordinated its position on UK consumer credit issues. Andrew has excellent contacts with lenders, politicians and officials in the UK government, the regulatory authorities and in Europe. He has held board  level  positions with a number of organisations. Andrew writes for a number of publications and is a regular columnist for Social Housing magazine.

Selected Reports

[download id=”30″] (2013)

[download id=”20″] (2012)

[download id=”34″] (2010)