Isabela Souza
Head of Leadership

Promoting connections between people, places and the planet, Isabela has a portfolio career in the private sector, consultancies, academia, SMEs and NGOs. Continuously experimenting and creating new ways of working to make the world a better place, Isabela is responsible for FoL’s leadership programmes and ensures that both courses – Future London Leaders and Leaders Plus – have their content and approach aligned with the evolving needs of FoL’s members.

She is used to navigating different worlds with a compassionate and inquisitive mindset. Isabela is always keen to help groups and individuals to reach mutual understanding and take collaborative action. Her interest in working across cultures globally has taken her to projects in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe. At the same time, her commitment to in-depth local agendas guides her work in London and in Rio de Janeiro and Camboriú city in Brazil, where she supports her parents’ property let and development business.

Originally from Brazil, Isabela settled in London more than 15 years ago choosing the UK as her home. Besides Portuguese and English, she is fluent in Spanish and speaks basic French and Italian. A graduate in Mechanical and Production Engineering, with an MBA in Environmental Management in Brazil, Isabela gained a Masters in Environment and Development at the London School of Economics.

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