Kathleen Scanlon

Kathleen ScanlonKatheleen Scanlon

Kathleen Scanlon is a housing and urban-policy researcher at the London School of Economics. Her research is grounded in economics but also draws on techniques and perspectives from other disciplines including geography and sociology, and aims at improving the evidence base for policy decisions at national or local level. Recently she has focused on ways of accelerating new housing development in London, looking at a range of potential solutions from large-scale Build to Rent schemes (she worked with Future of London on this topic) to cohousing and other collaborative approaches. She was lead editor of the authoritative book Social Housing in Europe (Wiley, 2014). Kath has worked with a number of national and international institutions including the Council of Europe Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and Denmark’s Realdania foundation. She has lived and worked in the USA, Spain, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Kuwait and Peru, and speaks Spanish, Italian, Serbian, Danish and a bit of French.