Are We Ready for the Boom? Housing Older Londoners

Older people are the fastest-growing demographic in the UK. Our urban populations are ageing and we are not ready. By 2035, the number of over-60s in London alone is expected to rise by 48%, and the over-80s group is set to increase by 70%. Assumptions that retirees will move (or can be moved) to the country are outdated: increasingly, older … [Read more...]

The flyover on foot: walking the A4/M4 corridor

Hounslow’s Great West Road, constructed to bypass Brentford High Street en route to west England and ease local congestion, opened to royal fanfare in 1925. King George V cut the ribbon at the road’s opening ceremony, ushering in its first wave of cars. In 1959, a similar scene: American actress Jayne Mansfield debuted the Chiswick flyover, built … [Read more...]

2017 in review: your feedback

One of Future of London’s greatest assets is our network of individuals and organisations, all working to build a more liveable London. To help you along, FoL provides frequent opportunities to meet, make connections, learn about new and relevant topics, share experiences and explore best practice. In 2017, we started collecting more detailed … [Read more...]

Making the Case for Place report launch

Placemaking is a malleable term, open to interpretation. Whether it’s physical design characteristics, land values, job creation, biodiversity, new amenities or simply a sense of well-being, people assign different values to areas. Everyone knows a good place when they’re in one, but there’s no magic ingredient or singular approach. Future … [Read more...]

Placemaking field trip: South Kilburn

The South Kilburn estate is home to LB Brent’s highest concentration of social housing – around 3/4 of homes are in public ownership – and one of the highest in London. Regeneration plans have targeted the estate since it received New Deal for Communities funding in 1999. Currently underway, redevelopment will provide 2,400 new homes by 2023 along … [Read more...]

Devons Road & St Paul’s Way placemaking field trip

LB Tower Hamlets has the fastest growing and one of the youngest populations in the UK. Young people can be challenging to engage, but several local organisations are succeeding, using digital engagement, education, training and design programmes to involve young people in projects relating to local placemaking and employment. On 26 September, we … [Read more...]

Placemaking field trip: Rye Lane

Peckham is one of the UK’s most diverse neighbourhoods and one of London’s fastest-changing areas. The growth of creative industries over the last decade has helped shift Peckham’s reputation. It’s also shifting the mix of residents and businesses as well as intensifying activity in this busy, well-connected town centre. On 26 July, we visited Rye … [Read more...]

Smarter Cities: Town Centres workshop

Smart Cities are a hot topic, with great potential to address intractable urban problems through innovation – and with all hype and uncertainty that come with new areas of endeavour. Getting started with smart-city technologies and systems can seem overwhelming, but there are good reasons to engage. Join us as we kick off our Smarter Cities … [Read more...]

28 June placemaking conference

Our 2017 placemaking programme is in full swing: we’ve held a debate, roundtable and workshop; several field trips across London; and our 28 June conference, our largest event to  date. The full-day conference, sponsored by Countryside Properties, Lendlease, Pollard Thomas Edwards, Arup and Regeneris, looked at the value of … [Read more...]

Placemaking field trip: Thamesmead

With two housing zones, a committed DLR extension, a Crossrail station, over £1bn of investment and a place within the GLA’s Thames Estuary Production Corridor, Thamesmead appears set to overturn its negative reputation linked to the perceived failures of post-war planning. Previous Future of London programmes have reviewed estate renewal and … [Read more...]