Olympic Park site visit

On a day of dramatic downpours accompanied by thunder and lightening in an otherwise unprecedentedly dry and sunny Spring, Future of London were taken on a tour of the Olympic Park by Stephen Wells, Operations Director of Mace. Mace are part of a partnership delivery vehicle for the Olympic Site called CLM (standing for the three companies … [Read more...]

Private sector renewal

Our event at London's Living Room covered various angles, each with a take on the role of the private sector in development and renewal in London.  Finally we got a bit more detail on what the role of London's Local Economic Partnership (LEP) will be from Mark Kleinman at the GLA.  Promoting skills and employment, attracting investment and … [Read more...]

Goodbye Future London Leaders 1

We marked the close of the first cohort of our Future London Leaders with a get together at Southwark Council at the end of May.  Over the last year, 12 people working in regeneration and housing from across London have been to masterclasses, site visits, networking events, participated in our annual conference, and spent a year being mentored by a … [Read more...]

Delivering localism: audience discussion

At our localism event a wide ranging debate ensued about the practical implementation of this agenda in London. Below are highlights from these exchanges that give a sense of the discussion. Q – What should the role of business be in the creation of neighbourhood plans? A – Clearly this will differ in different parts of London. In some parts … [Read more...]

Delivering the Big Society

During our localism event this week, Darren Richards, Executive Head of Planning and Transportation, of LB Sutton provided us with an overview of the Hackbridge Project, one element of the borough’s planned development in the years ahead. With radical governance arrangements that prioritise community leadership and engagement at every level of … [Read more...]

Localism in London: event report

Future of London and GVA hosted the latest in our series of seminars looking at development and renewal issues – this time examining the impact of the Government’s localism agenda on planning and regeneration in the capital. We heard from central Government, and from those leading radical projects in inner and outer London, how the localism agenda … [Read more...]

New ways to pay

Bitty, scrappy, messy and non-strategic. That is the way that housing and regeneration in London will be funded (if at all) in the coming years. That was the conclusion of the contributors and audience today at the third in Future of London’s Breakfast Seminar series: New Ways to Pay. Delivery will rely on the different ways a borough can stitch … [Read more...]

London’s retail winners and losers

Our Development and Renewal seminar on 31 March looked at retail trends in London and at which areas stand to win or lose out as a result.  Change is afoot in the retail world; Stuart Morley, Head of Research at GVA warned that the strong growth in retail spending of the last decade is over and reduced disposable income and therefore spending will … [Read more...]

Boost for the ‘burbs from Boris

The Mayor of London announced yesterday that £50m is being made available to to regenerate  town centres in outer London.  This will be welcome news for the outer boroughs that Boris has been accused of neglecting in favour of high profile projects - the Olympics and Crossrail in particular.  One of the main planks of Boris's pledge was to support … [Read more...]

Cross party dismay at affordable housing policy

Bagehot, the Economist’s political columnist, wrote a piece last week on the convergence of right and left wing political opinion on that controversial matter of affordable housing policy in London.  Compare Boris’s accusation of ‘Kosovo style cleansing’ with shadow work and pensions minister and Westminster North MP Karen Buck’s declaration that … [Read more...]