Making the Most of Build to Rent

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With London’s housing market in an era of chronic under-supply, both public and private sectors are welcoming the emergence of Build to Rent – housing designed and managed specifically for private renters. Still in its infancy, the sector is in learning mode, as developers, investors, local authorities and housing associations develop planning agreements, delivery models, and design and management strategies to build the new homes they need.

Some of these properties are the products of a new wave of developer-operators, keen to establish Build to Rent as the housing of choice for mid- to higher-income young workers. Housing associations and local authorities are developing their own PRS stock using an array of private and public funds.

Future of London’s six month programme provided an overview of the evolving policy landscape and burgeoning development activity in London, looking at what is being developed, where and by whom. The final report, co-written with LSE London Research Fellow Kath Scanlon, set out recommendations for local, pan-London and national government, housing associations, developers and investors. It also includes detailed case studies of borough-, housing association- and developer-led schemes.

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Making the Most of Build to Rent

The final report for this project offers case studies and calls to action for stakeholders involved in housing delivery. Download the report.

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The executive summary outlines the project and recommendations. Download the report.

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