Making Housing Delivery Models Work for London

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Cross-sector partnerships are on the rise again in the quest to deliver housing and regeneration more effectively. The emphasis now is on structures that give councils more control and help them retain assets for long-term revenue. But most models, from joint ventures through council-owned companies to new tenures and types, are relatively new; gathering best practice from concept to delivery is difficult at best.

What is clear is that local authorities – and sometimes housing associations – are outgunned in ways that can be addressed. They bring valuable property to the table, along with community and delivery experience. However, the enabling cash and expertise needed to get deals and development moving often come from the private sector. There’s an emerging need to balance skill sets, and for partners to better understand each other’s drivers and processes.

Making Housing Delivery Models work for London, identified the models – council house-building, public-private partnerships and community-led housing – being used across the capital, what they’re delivering, and how to make the most of them for Londoners.


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Making Delivery Models Work for London

This FoL/GVA report takes stock of the housing delivery models councils and the GLA family are using; estimates how many homes and how much affordable housing those are producing; and explores how to share skills and knowledge better, to make the most of these emerging models. Download the report.

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Future of London and GVA, with input from a broad range of stakeholders, assess which delivery models are being used across the capital, how they’re performing, and where we go from here. The first stocktake was based on an assessment of nine representative London boroughs. Download the briefing.

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