Designing in diversity

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The inequalities gap is a rising global phenomenon. The urban environment plays a critical role in addressing this, influencing access to housing, transport, shops, jobs, outdoor space and education. And it is a top priority for London: our Building Recovery research discovered that 82% of built environment practitioners are committed to making public space feel welcoming to all.

From streets to parks and public buildings, this programme will showcase and celebrate places and practitioners that deliver genuinely inclusive spaces. We will pay particular attention to spaces which feel welcoming towards women, children, older people, people of colour, disabled people, the LGBTQI+ community, and the intersections between these groups.

Not only will ‘designing in diversity’ help to make existing great work more visible, but it will be a call to action for the sector: we must do more to ensure we are designing inclusive spaces. Both in the physical places we create, but also behind the scenes – in the workplaces and processes that make these places a reality.

Through a series of panel discussions and roundtables this programme will identify and celebrate inclusive places and practices, from across the UK and the globe.

Past events

Designing in Diversity: People, processes and practices
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Designing in Diversity: Fresh ideas for creating inclusive places
Read the write-up

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For any further information about this project, please contact Anna Odedun. We also welcome feedback on how we can make our work at Future of London more inclusive and accessible for all.

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82% of Built Environment practitioners are committed to making public space feel welcoming to all [1]

“A London that only works for a few will destroy itself.”

Regeneration practitioner, private sector

“Inclusive cities are more likely to be successful cities in the long term.”

Director, public sector

“I believe my organisation genuinely wants to make change; we have undertaken a big piece of work following the Black Lives Matter protests. More can always be done.”

Senior advisor, not-for-profit sector
[1] All quotes sourced from an anonymous Future of London industry survey, 2021


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