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Boroughs in London are looking to help address the housing crisis, adding their land and finance to the development capacity of the city. They are entering the house building market after a break of some thirty years and inevitably do not have established and skilled teams ready to deliver. Boroughs are therefore having to recruit and buy in skills and expertise to set up their house building programmes and are competing with the private sector and housing associations for a limited resource.

Recruiting and retaining development professionals is a key issue for London boroughs. London Housing Directors see gaps and a high level of turnover in their development teams across the capital, which presents a challenge to deliver new council-led housing developments and adequately manage the risks that come with building the quality homes that Londoners need.

Each borough’s delivery model and the skills and capacity of their teams also varies, making it hugely important to map these differences and encourage sharing and collaboration.

In 2020, Future of London was commissioned by the London Borough of Islington on behalf of the London Housing Directors’ Group and the North London Housing Partnership, supported by London Councils, to map the skills and capacity of local authority housing teams involved in delivering council homes. To achieve this, FoL will surveyed all London boroughs, borough housing companies and ALMOs and carried follow-up interviews to fully understand skills gaps, recruitment and retention strategies and appetite for cross-borough collaboration.

In parallel, project partner Campbell Tickell surveyed current training providers to map the landscape and identify potential gaps in the professional development of housing practitioners.

Findings were brought together in a report to help boroughs target specific skills and capacity gaps, attract and retain more talent, and share experience and potentially resources with other boroughs.

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London borough skills mapping


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