Smarter Cities

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Smart Cities are a hot topic, seemingly offering huge scope for innovation to help solve intractable urban problems. But the concept can be hard to pin down, let alone integrate into the complex work already carried out by London’s local authorities and built environment sector.

Getting started with Smart Cities projects can seem overwhelming, but there are good reasons to engage with new technologies and the possibilities they present. Smart Cities can help engage citizens and businesses, cut costs, reduce pollution, provide more accurate data for monitoring or decision-making and develop new capabilities.

Future of London’s Smarter Cities series helped London’s regeneration and built environment professionals navigate the hype to take practical steps towards setting up and managing projects which respond to their short-, medium- and long-term priorities. At the same time, the programme provided an up-to-date picture of Smart Cities adoption in London and helped Smart Cities businesses understand how to engage effectively with local authorities to develop products that will work for them.

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