Leading Through Crisis

Future London Leaders Round 10 launch

The pandemic and the current conflict in Europe has thrown a spotlight on leadership; from national to local government, it’s a topic of daily debate. The ability to make the right decisions and instil confidence and connection with both the public and partners is under intense scrutiny – at a time when leaders across the built environment sector are facing unprecedented challenges. These challenges include great uncertainty about the future in the short, medium and long term; ever-reducing public sector budgets; and how to maintain personal resilience for leaders and their staff.

This series of in-person roundtables will bring together leaders to debate and share their experiences and approaches to leading well through crisis, change and complexity.

Facing the future head on:
How are we reimagining London post-Covid, especially with regards to affordability, population change, the future of work and tackling inequalities?

Creating opportunities from external pressures:
In response to a number of complex, and often interrelated issues – including Brexit, the cost-of-living crisis, the transition to Net Zero, social movements like BLM, and the Levelling Up agenda – how are London’s leaders making their businesses and organisations more resilient?

Bringing together leaders from across sectors will bring diversity of thought and the opportunity to make new connections. Each roundtable will be an opportunity to learn from inspirational speakers and share with colleagues, in a confidential space. We’ll also share research carried out with London’s future leaders about their hopes and expectations of their senior leaders as we navigate these tumultuous times.

“Crises are most often over-managed and under-led” 

78% of organisations say capability building is much more important now than before the Covid-19 crisis. [1]
65% Trust in the government’s leadership went up 11 points to 65% on the Edelman Trust Barometer through the Covid-19 crisis. [2]
41% of companies spend more time on learning and skill building since the start of the pandemic. [1]
59% of female managers believe their personal communication with employees has improved during the crisis. [3]

Get involved

Do you have a story or experience of how you led or managed during a time of crisis? If you have experience to share or would like to get involved, please contact Sophie Nellis.


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