Learning from Crisis

As we navigate the Covid-19 “new normal” and consider the world we’ll emerge into, Future of London is here to share support, intel, strategy and best practice across a multi-media programme, Learning from Crisis, across two interlinked aspects:

Managing now: Approaches to the overwhelming challenges FoL’s network has faced, including the impressive and inspirational responses from individuals and organisations.

Emerging from Crisis: Society is at a critical junction – how we live, work, move, teach, govern, fund, build and provide care are all up in the air. How do we make sure we get it right?

Topics include:

  • Politics, policy & fiscal approach
  • Economy, from macro drivers to local actions & impacts
  • How we work – office & home design, commuting, connectivity and the value of work
  • Environment – FoL’s Achieving Net Zero work; public space, movement & logistics
  • Homebuilding’s new normal: Cross-sector action & issues including planning, investment & supply chain, as well as FoL’s Council-Led Housing Forum, now open to councils across the country
  • Society – work-life balance, equality, health, privacy and engagement
  • Delivery – tied to the above, and across all sectors & communities

Find support and tools at our Resource Hub, or check on upcoming #LearningFromCrisis webinars and podcasts at FoL’s Events page.

To speak, sponsor or suggest an idea, contact Lisa Taylor. For questions about format or access, contact Oli Pinch.

Content to date

Ria Bailes, One Housing City Bites podcast

City Bites: Podcast with Ria Bailes, One Housing

Rounding off our mini series of alumni interviews with leaders talking about how to remain resilient and effective in the Covid crisis, Alumnus Peter O’Brien talks to One Housing’s Ria Bailes about the need for empathetic leaders to respond to the wicked problems we now face.

Alumni Communities of Practice: home space standards

Alumni Communities of Practice forum exploring how with working from home now the norm due to the Covid crisis, how should policymakers respond? Longer term, will this boost the appeal of suburban living as people’s priorities shift from wanting a manageable daily commute to more space in their homes and neighbourhoods?

Curb Appeal: Managing Covid-19’s impact on public-private space

Social distancing has been key to reducing Covid-19 transmission and protecting public health, but it’s also been hugely disruptive. As loosening restrictions jostle with public confidence and business risk, what are the implications for urban design and movement, and for business and landlord viability?

Culture Swap? Public-Private Lessons from Covid-19

Through the pandemic, much of the public sector has been incredibly effective, while much of the private sector has displayed real empathy for staff and stakeholders. Could these cultural shifts be here to stay?

Nazeya-Hussain, City Bites podcast

City Bites: Podcast with Naz Hussain, RB Kingston

Covid-19 has hit local authorities hard, but they’re rising to the challenge. FoL Alumna Laura Davy talks with Nazeya Hussain, RB Kingston Executive Director of Place about resilience, leadership and priorities.

Banner thanking key workers in Manchester

Spotlight: Sharing data during Covid-19

Phillipa Nazari, Assistant Director – Information Governance & Data Protection Officer, explains why developing new guidance around sharing data has been a vital part of Greater Manchester’s Covid-19 response.

People queuing outside retail outlet wearing masks

Risk v. confidence: what will retail look like now?

Retailers now have to find ways to offer what consumers want from ‘live’ shopping while minimising risk. In this #LearningFromCrisis guest post Rob Asbury, Partner at Montagu Evans, considers how to make retail stores stack up in a socially distancing world.

Alex Russell, Westway Trust, podcast

City Bites: Podcast with Alex Russell, Westway Trust

How has the third sector continued to deliver community services during the Covid crisis? How have priorities changed and what role will charities play in recovery? These questions and more were the focus of our latest City Bites podcast.

Diana Phiri-Witty, LB Croydon, Community Engagement in a Covid-19 world

Community engagement in a Covid-19 world

FoL webinar exploring different approaches councils, housing associations, developers and others have taken to maintain meaningful community engagement in a covid-19 world.

Billboard with construction site behind

Covid-19: The public-sector response

Covid-19 has radically altered urban life. Future of London spoke to housing, enforcement, planning and regeneration professionals in our network about the impact of the pandemic on the public sector and how they’ve been delivering city services.

Bek Seeley, Lendlease

City Bites: Podcast with Bek Seeley, Lendlease

In episode two of the FoL City Bites podcast, FoL board member and alumna Nnenna Urum-Eke interviews Lendlease’s Managing Director for Development Europe Bek Seeley. Listen to them discussing the development outlook post Covid-19 and the ways developers have adapted their approaches to construction and public consultation.

City Bites: Podcast with David Lunts, GLA & OPDC

A new podcast series where alumni interview some of London’s most influential leaders about staying resilient and effective during the Covid crisis. For the first episode, alumni director Lucy Webb interviews David Lunts fellow FoL board member, Executive Director at the GLA Housing & Land and interim CEO at OPDC about the public sector during lockdown and how London could change.


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