Paying For It: Funding Public Projects

Cities evolve constantly, with public projects of all kinds and at all scales commissioned – or offered up – to deliver on policy and citizen needs. At the same time, budgets are shrinking, the EU tap is set to close, and funding sources are changing fast. We need more effective ways to pay for and deliver public projects.

There is funding and financing available for housing, regeneration and infrastructure work, from straight finance or asset sale through institutional investment, grant and developer contributions to outliers like crowdfunding.

The disconnect is that not enough public project managers have the skills, experience and/or time for effective funding and finance, and few large funders understand the realities of public project delivery.

Future of London’s 2019 project will take stock of existing and new funding sources for key urban activities; outline implications for each stream; and assess their relative merits for different types of projects based on real-world experience, expertise and evaluation. Throughout, we’ll engage with investors of all kinds to generate practical guidance, and connect project teams and funders to build awareness of risk and return.

Get involved

We’re keen to connect with organisations using new and innovative funding solutions for public projects throughout London. If you have experience to share or are interested in partnering with us on this project, contact Amanda Robinson.


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