Affordable Housing: Overcoming crisis through collaboration

Fewer new tenants are housed in social housing, while private rent continues to spiral. Our affordable housing report identifies collaboration in finance, community involvement and retrofit as ways forward.

Affordable Housing: Overcoming crisis through collaboration

Making the case for co-production

Rethinking Community Engagement explored how the built environment sector could better engage with communities and found strong interest in co-production. In this report we set out principles for co-production of development projects.

Making the case for co-production

Healthy neighbourhoods

Urban professionals know they have a vital influence on the health of citizens. But how do we create meaningful and effective partnerships with health to play our part in addressing health inequalities? This report provides practical ideas and best practice.

Healthy neighbourhoods: Working together

Building recovery: Recommendations

A follow-up to the insights report, this publication provides practical recommendations and inspiration through case studies to address inequalities in our cities.

Building recovery recommendations

Building recovery: Insights

Summarising the urgent issues facing the built environments sector as we strive to create more equitable cities through Covid recovery.

Building recovery insights

Creative public value

How councils are becoming ‘market makers,’ taking a longer-term stake and transforming vacant/under-used buildings into community-managed assets.

Creating public value

Achieving Net Zero

This report explores the key topics highlighted during the Achieving Net Zero programme, and provides insights and a set of practical recommendations for urban professionals in the public, private and civic sectors.

Achieving Net Zero report

People, Place and Community

This report aims to investigate the role that both people and place play in creating community, and what Covid-19 has taught us about belonging in both new developments and existing neighbourhoods. It includes the best approach the built environment sector can take to encourage communities to thrive.

People, Place and Community report

paying for public projects briefing

Paying for Public Projects

These are challenging times for public project funding, with national-level changes affecting local-level delivery. To help, FoL’s latest briefing brought together insight gained from three cross-sector roundtables to identify trends, risks and opportunities in funding.

Paying for Public Projects report

Making the Most of London’s Waterways

Report on the rising pressure and competing demand for the capital’s waterways, including best practice for delivering waterside projects and recommendations covering policy and strategy, good design, community engagement and transport.

Making the Most of London's Waterways report

Foundations for Community-Led Housing

Report on the potential for and practicalities of community-led projects to deliver more affordable homes and help rebuild trust and the community’s active role in development.

Foundations for Community Led Housing report

Overcoming London’s Barriers

The final report for this project offers case studies showing innovative and effective approaches to overcoming barriers, with recommendations applicable to a range of built environment practitioners.

Overcoming London's Barriers report

barriers conference summary cover

Overcoming London’s Barriers

Our 2018 conference brought together 50 speakers and 200 delegates. Their contributions to seminars and workshops are summarised here.

Overcoming London's Barriers conference summary

Are We Ready For the Boom? Housing Older Londoners

By 2035, the number of over-60s in London alone is expected to rise by 48%, and the over-80s group is set to increase by 70%. This programme asks how older people will afford the housing they want, and as a sector, how we can to provide the amenities they need.

Are We Ready For the Boom? Housing Older Londoners

Engaging London’s Private Rented Sector

How can London move towards the PRS it needs and deserves? Our three-year programme, supported by Oak Foundation and Trust for London, has explored approaches to improving the sector, including new development opportunities, licensing schemes and tenant rights. The final report includes analysis, case studies and themed recommendations. For other project outputs, see programme page.

Engaging London's Private Rented Sector

making the case for place report

Making the Case for Place

Future of London’s major 2017 programme set out to better understand how different stakeholders value the impacts of placemaking and how to foster greater common ground between their views and interests. This report offers case studies, calls to action for stakeholders and guiding principles for more holistic placemaking valuation.

Making the Case for Place report and executive summary

housing delivery models cover

Making Housing Delivery Models Work for London

This FoL/GVA report takes stock of the housing delivery models councils and the GLA family are using; estimates how many homes and how much affordable housing those are producing; and explores how to share skills and knowledge better, to make the most of these emerging models.

Making Delivery Models Work for London - Report

housing delivery models briefing

Making Delivery Models Work for London

Future of London and GVA, with input from a broad range of stakeholders, assess which delivery models are being used across the capital, how they’re performing, and where we go from here. The first stocktake was based on an assessment of nine representative London boroughs.

Making Delivery Models Work for London - July 2017 Research briefing

Making the Most of Build to Rent

Making the Most of Build to Rent

This report gives an overview of the current wave PRS development in London, now at the highest level in four years. With the gap between social housing and home ownership wider than ever, PRS offers a real alternative; the report includes recommendations for CLG; the GLA; local authorities and housing associations; and developers and investors.

Making the Most of Build to Rent

Making the Most of Build to Rent - Executive Summary

Smarter Planning

Bringing together feedback from interviews with development managers and a senior roundtable, this briefing investigates ways of improving the development management process for public and private sectors as well as individual applicants.

Smarter Planning briefing

Workspace that Works

This report summarises Future of London’s Workspace that Works programme, gathering insight and best practice on linking workspace and regeneration and highlighting issues local authorities should be aware of when planning workspace projects.

Workspace that Works

Priorities for Transport in a Growing London

Briefing from our Nov/Dec 2016 events delivered with support from Arup. The briefing brings together key talking points from speakers, Q&As and workshops and offers recommendations for TfL and the GLA as they prepare the consultation draft of the new Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

Priorities for Transport in a Growing London

Housing Zones Progress Report

Report on the GLA’s Housing Zones programme, assessing progress and initial impacts, including which types of interventions are proving effective and how momentum can be sustained over the lifetime of the programme.

Housing Zones Progress Report

Doing Even More With Even Less

This update provides a sampler of what some local authorities are doing to deliver services in the context of fiscal austerity. Although by no means exhaustive, it serves as a primer for those entering the sector and provides key examples of innovation in public service delivery.

BREAKING 27.3.17

Westminster City Council and Kensington and Chelsea have reluctantly decided to serve notice on the Tri-borough arrangements that were established in June 2011 to drive savings and public service reform for the benefit of residents in three key London boroughs. Read the full story here.

Doing Even More with Even Less - Update, Spring 2017

Managing London's Exposure to Climate Change

Managing London’s Exposure to Climate Change

This research project delivered in partnership with Arup. The report presents challenges and solutions to making London’s public assets and services more resilient to the current and future effects of climate change. It includes recommendations for national and pan-London policymakers, developers, investors, insurers and educators.

Managing London's Exposure to Climate Change

A Social Lettings Agency for London?

Short briefing based on a roundtable Future of London held in February. The event convened 10 boroughs, two sub-regional housing partnerships and the GLA to take stock of existing borough-led lettings agencies, and explore the potential of a cross-borough initiative, as mooted by London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan and the London Housing Commission.

A Social Lettings Agency for London?

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