Our Spotlights draw attention to new or innovative initiatives from Future of London members on issues such as diversity, health, planning, community engagement, and more. Spotlights offer insight into different ways of working as well as lessons for other organisations.

If you’re a Future of London member with an interesting project to share, get in touch with Hailey Sockalingam. See our recent Spotlights below for inspiration.

Unlocking the potential of the UK’s cities

Andrew Travers, Director at Inner Circle Consulting, explains the vast potential of the UK’s cities to deliver the growth, jobs and greener futures we need – and show that better living is not so far away after all.

Spotlight: Is London already a 15-minute city?

The concept of the 15-minute city is gaining popularity within the built environment sector, particularly post-Covid as the pandemic saw many of us spending more time in our local area than ever before. Our latest Spotlight considers the value of the concept in a London context.

Spotlight: Is it time to rethink social value?

Over the last decade, the interest in social value delivery in regeneration and development has rapidly increased. Rosa Sulley, Senior Consultant at PRD, explains why it’s time to rethink social value and focus on the long-term benefits of regeneration.

Slide from presentation showing map of London with election results

Spotlight: The impact of May’s Local Elections on London’s future

On 15 June, in a Chatham House briefing with Future of London’s network of built environment practitioners, we discussed the recent London local election results, the implications for housing, regeneration, planning and infrastructure, and how best to work with newly elected members.

Spotlight: Delivering Quality Homes Handbook

The Mayor’s recently launched Delivering Quality Homes Handbook summarises 50 ways in which developing councils and housing associations can improve their own teams and processes to get the quality they want.

Spotlight: Let’s bottle it! Piloting a deposit return scheme

Every week, each adult buys on average 3 plastic water bottles in London, amounting to 1.6bn bottles a year. Leaders Plus grad & Arup associate Adriana Moreno Pelayo explores how to implement this proven initiative reduce waste and create green jobs.

Spotlight: Can data save the high street?

A new data service from the GLA seeks to transform the way we use data to make the most of our high streets and town centre. We take a look at how access to good and affordable data can help our communities, and how the GLA is paving the way for a data-led recovery.

Spotlight: Our Heroes – a poem

Matt Kelly is a GM Leaders Plus Round 2 candidate. His poem reflects on the last year, paying tribute to our wonderful NHS staff and shows that talents of our Leaders candidates go way beyond the built environment!

Spotlight: The Covid-19 homelessness response

The first lockdown saw a “paradigm shift in what was deemed possible” in the homelessness sector. We explore the challenges and opportunities now facing local authorities and not-for-profit organisations in moving forward with sustainable and effective approaches to homelessness post-covid.

Spotlight: Dance – and so much more

Alex Peters is a professional dancer and mentor who’s helped dozens of Future London Leaders candidates step outside their comfort zone and think creatively. See his excellent short video on dance and wellbeing here, part of AXA Health’s Feelgood Health Journey.

Temporary hospital

Spotlight: Creating culture at speed during a crisis

To build a hospital in 13 days is a big challenge. To build a culture in 13 days is an even bigger one. John Herring explains what the public sector can learn from the ways in which NHS Nightingale North West created a ‘one workforce’ culture at speed in response to the pandemic.

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