Greater Manchester Leaders Plus

Nominations for GM Leaders Plus round 3 have now closed – Contact us if you have any questions about upcoming courses.

Leaders Plus is for people already in leadership roles and is designed to help participants manage increased risk and responsibility. It aims to:

  • Build skills and confidence in team leadership, stakeholder relations and change management.
  • Help translate theoretical leadership best practice into real-world use, especially for place strategy and delivery.
  • Provide a safe space to discuss the difficult questions arising in senior roles.
  • Build candidates’ peer and senior networks across organisations and sectors.

These goals are delivered through a blend of mentoring, leadership skills, expert insight, strategy-focused field trips and networking. The nine-month programme culminates in participants presenting a personal proposal for tackling a key urban challenge to an audience of mentors, senior course presenters and sector experts.

We successfully took Round 1 online in March 2020, adding top trainers from other cities as well as enriched content and contact opportunities to help compensate for the loss of face-to-face sessions. For Round 2, we start online and will include field trips plus a blend of live and online leadership seminars as soon as possible.

Who is it for?

Cross-sector leaders on the journey toward top roles and already running extensive teams or stakeholder relationships. Candidates can be involved in any aspect of placemaking and should be seeking the insight, knowledge and networks to play a meaningful role in our cities’ future.

What do candidates gain?

  • Enhanced leadership skills to inspire teams, build trust & navigate complexity.
  • The increased confidence and authority to influence others, to tackle unexpected challenges and to win over stakeholders at all levels.
  • Exposure to fresh perspectives and tools that foster innovative thinking.
  • A confidential and supportive environment to test or develop ideas.
  • The knowledge, insight and support of a diverse range of peers, professionals and a personal mentor, all of whom share their commitment to the future of Greater Manchester.
  • An expanded senior network across organisations and sectors – within the cohort, with mentors, in the thriving GM cross-sector scene & across the UK via Future of London’s 4,200-strong network.

How do candidates learn?

  • Facilitated skills-development workshops in small groups
  • Expert insights and a chance to question sector leaders in Chatham House seminars
  • Relevant workshops & field trips, combined with classroom time for an average
  • Peer-led discussion, visits and presentations, including the final Proposal for Greater Manchester
  • Confidential mentoring from senior leaders outside their organisations, for support and resources
  • Structured reflection and connection to a wider programme of events

NOMINATIONS NOW CLOSED for February-December course, launching Feb 17th 2022.  To find out more about future programmes, contact Executive Director Lisa Taylor.

See Round 3 Candidates here, and see Round 3 Mentors here.

Leaders Plus was a fantastic experience and undoubtedly supported my career development. The opportunity to explore what is required to be a leader in the public sector built environment was invaluable. The course and continuing opportunities as an alumnus supercharged my professional network and the connections I’ve made across sectors and disciplines have without doubt supported greater understanding, best practice and better project delivery.

Leaders also became vital to the professional development offer for top talent in my team, supporting a continual drive for quality as well as staff retention and progression. Different officers get different things out of it, but everyone comes back with broader horizons and a rounder skills base.

– Tom Bridgman, Leaders Plus alumnus and course nominator, Executive Director of Development, Oxford City Council (formerly Assistant Director, Area Regeneration, LB Lambeth)

GM Leaders Plus is kindly supported by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Trowers & Hamlins, Arup, which also hosts classroom sessions, and Hatch, which invited us to Manchester to start this journey in 2017.