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Exclusive to Future of London members, Leaders Plus was created in 2013 as a “next level” for Future London Leaders. Where FLL focuses on personal development, guiding practitioners toward leadership, Leaders Plus equips candidates already in leadership roles to navigate increasing risk and responsibility, and to develop greater resilience.

The 9-month course features next-level leadership skills from Urbancanda; Chatham House insight from top professionals; a three-semester structure for better retention; exclusive online course materials; and a strong focus on participant outcomes. We’ve also kept the final Proposal for London assignment, which has produced some brilliant ideas.

Each cohort offers four spaces to private- or third-sector candidates to broaden understanding. Candidates come from different disciplines, but all manage complex projects and/or organisational initiatives, and have had some leadership training.

Perhaps the most critical component is the people. Individually-matched mentors act as sounding boards and advisors, and the cohort itself becomes a significant professional resource within Future of London’s 400-strong Alumni Network.

What do graduates gain?

  • An enhanced set of leadership skills designed to enable them to inspire teams, build trust and navigate complex situations.
  • The increased confidence and authority to influence others, tackle unexpected challenges and win over stakeholders at all levels.
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives, fresh approaches and practical tools that foster expansive/creative/innovative thinking.
  • A safe, confidential and supportive environment to test, develop and enhance ideas and skills.
  • The knowledge, insight and support of a diverse range of peers, other sector professionals and a personal mentor, all of whom share their passion and commitment to the future of London.
  • Immediate entry into the Alumni Network, with its events, resources and peer support

How do candidates learn?

  • Executive-level leadership skills workshops
  • Insights from expert speakers
  • ‘Mapping’ field trips and workshops, based on current London issues
  • Peer discussion, visits and presentations
  • Confidential mentoring, for advice and resources
  • Structured reflection
  • Structured and informal networking
  • Priority access to all Future of London mainstream programming
  • A final assignment which requires research, creativity, presentation skills – and a brave idea.

“Leaders Plus not only provided opportunities to engage with and learn from a wider network of my peers, but an opportunity to gain a different perspective on myself professionally, and the tools to utilise these insights.  A fantastic course!”
Stephen Morris, Associate, Pollard Thomas Edwards (Leaders Plus Round 5)

Apply for the course

Leaders Plus candidates comprise professionals from Future of London member organisations. The course runs once a year and candidates are nominated by the organisation’s steering group representative. To apply or to nominate a candidate, contact our Leaders team.

Current candidates and mentors


For more information, read the LP prospectus
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