London 2062

What will London look like in fifty years time? In 2012, Future of London partnered with University College London to facilitate a programme of events looking at the challenges facing London’s future development in relation to housing, energy, transport and the economy. We brought together a range of leading academics and practitioners to discuss and debate the actions we need to take in the coming decade to ensure the delivery of a sustainable future for our Capital City. A series of briefing papers was published throughout the programme, detailing key findings and recommendations for policy makers.

The project culminated with the publication of the book, Imagining the Future City: London 2062, edited by Sarah Bell and James Paskins, which is also available as a free download in PDF or epub format.


Future of London is not currently planning any events under this theme.

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Key Publications

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Future of London
August 2012

This collection of essays looks at Decentralised Energy networks and what London can learn from the ‘Danish Model’. It is the first output from the London 2062 seminar series we held in partnership with UCL.

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News and Project Updates

  • Imagining the Future City: London 2062 26 November 2013 This anthology approaches the question of London’s future. It is a culmination of Future of London’s work on the London 2062 programme with UCL.
  • London 2062 book launch 15 October 2013 What will London look like in fifty years’ time? In the spring of 2012, Future of London partnered with UCL’s Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities to explore this question as part of their London 2062 programme. Housing, energy, transport and the economy were discussed and debated by leading academics and practitioners at a series of ...
  • London 2062: An economist dreams of a sustainable city 30 August 2012 David Fell considers how changes in the direction of London’s economy now could help create a more sustainable, balanced and equal London in 2062.
  • Decentralised Energy: Could London Emulate Copenhagen? 3 August 2012 This new essay collection considers what London can learn from the ‘Danish model’ of Decentralised Energy networks.
  • London 2062 Comment: a new prosperity 28 June 2012 Following on our London 2062 series, partnered with UCL, Hannah Dalgleish imagines a leaner, greener economy, and how we can get closer to making it happen.
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