We believe in the power of networks and the benefits that come from connecting people from different disciplines, sectors and backgrounds. We build and facilitate networks for our members, alumni and mentors as well as across thematic strands such as housing to enable people to share practical experience and learn from one another.

networks: council-led housing forum

Council-led Housing Forum

As part of the Mayor’s Building Council Homes for Londoners initiative, this forum provides technical advice to practitioners involved in council-led delivery of homes. Boroughs that are pioneering delivery in-house or through housing companies, housing associations and independent experts share skills, experience and lessons learned, including pitfalls to avoid.

Row of rented homes, PRS Forum, networks

Private Rented Sector Forum

The Private Rented Sector Forum is a bi-monthly seminar and workshop series for borough housing practitioners focused on improving the lives of private tenant communities. The forum is steered by a GLA and cross-borough advisory group, and delivered by Future of London.

City Makers’ Forum

The City Makers’ Forum is a platform for exploring key urban issues with invited guest speakers. Generating an extensive network of professionals interested in shaping the future of our cities, sharing experience and building connections.

alumni networking event

Alumni network

On joining Future London Leaders or Leaders Plus (London or Greater Manchester) candidates are automatically part of the FoL Alumni Network. The network will include 500+ talented professionals by Sept 2020, and is a platform for learning, socialising, connecting and career progression – even while we’re remote.

mentor and candidate

Mentor network

Future of London has an extensive cross-sector network of experienced professionals who contribute to the professional development of candidates on our Leadership courses and gain access to workshops and networking opportunities.

speaker diversity pledge

Speaker Diversity Network

Future of London’s Speaker Diversity Network is a group of leading individuals and organisations bringing new voices to urban debate. The network promotes under-represented groups, makes it easy to diversify speaker panels, and is free to use thanks to supporters like GVA.