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Join our ideas forum for city makers to network and collaborate across London

There has never been a more challenging and exciting time to live and work in London. The pace of change is fast and shows no sign of stopping.

The capital will need leaders who can manage this shifting and complex landscape. But what will the future challenges be and what kind of leadership is required?

What will a transition to net zero look like every day in our cities? Write-up of our latest City Makers’ Forum on 3 June coming soon.

Many of London’s urban leadership programmes are working to equip future leaders with the confidence, skills and knowledge they’ll need. But this is not enough. Urban professionals also need an engaged and diverse network to draw upon.

Three speakers sit on stalls in front of a mixed audience of people sat in rows listening to their talk. At the back of the image a geometric mural can be seen through the window.
City Makers at the workspace of the future event. Pic: Spacelab_

In response, Future of London and Hatch established a cross-sector, interdisciplinary network that complements existing leadership programmes by building collective resilience and a spirit of collaboration.

Through regular events that explore key urban issues with invited guest speakers, this forum brings together those interested in shaping the future of our cities to share experience and learn from one another.

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