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After a three-year, greatly successful programme, the Council-Led Housing Forum wrapped up in October 2021. The Forum was run as part of the Mayor of London’s Building Council Homes for Londoners initiative, providing technical advice to practitioners involved in the council-led delivery of homes. Boroughs that are pioneering delivery in-house or through housing companies, housing associations and independent experts shared skills, experience and lessons learned. The Council-Led Housing Forum supported 981 delegates to share their own experiences and build a strong knowledge base across the forum, with the ultimate aim of speeding up housing delivery.

Over the three years of the Forum, the agenda has gone from building teams and internal relationships to a very practical focus on the key challenges of development delivery. In year one, the Forum’s very first event was focused on strategic approaches and scaling up. Year two saw sessions on community engagement, managing the design process, and sales & marketing, and in year three the Forum looked at managing market uncertainty, development risk management and achieving net zero carbon. Whilst most events involved those working directly in development teams, internal stakeholders were also encouraged to join, particularly on topics such as finance and procurement. The majority of events were recorded, and you can watch back on our YouTube videos using the links below.

Whilst the Council-Led Housing Forum has come to an end, Future of London invites members to be involved in our many other work streams. Some of our opportunities may be of specific interest to council-led development officers, for example the Community-Led Housing Officers Forum and the Borough Housing Company Forum. We have also launched the Future of London Development management training course, aimed at those who are new to development, transferring from other disciplines or would benefit from an end-to-end guide through the entire development process. Further information can be found on our events page.

Future of London is working on a follow-on programme from the Council-Led Housing Forum, due to launch in mid-2022. Please check back on this page or sign up to our newsletter for updates.


View the 2021 programme here." rel="nofollow" class="ddownload-link id-29088 ext-pdf">View the 2021 programme here.

Past events and video links

19 October 2021
Future of Council-Led Housing

21 September 2021
Net Zero Carbon Design

20 July 2021
Building Safety

22 June 2021
Risk Management

18 May 2021
Market Uncertainty

20 April 2021
Apprenticeships and Traineeships for Development Teams

For videos of earlier events please visit the
Council-Led Housing Forum YouTube playlist.

See events from the 2020-21 programme
and 2019-20 programme.

More information

If you’d like to learn more, contact Visakha Sri Chandrasekera, Council-Led Housing Forum Manager

‘I head up a direct delivery team working in partnership with a London Authority with big ambitions to develop the next generation of council homes. The Council-Led Housing Forum events are helping us to do this, being both insightful and illuminating.’

Meera Bedi, Head of Development (New Build), Barnet Homes

‘Thanks for putting this series on, I think they have been the most relevant and interesting sessions I have ever attended. I really enjoyed the discussion and I have gained some great tips to supplement my knowledge.’

Simon Griffin, Project Manager, City of Westminster

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