Council-Led Housing Network

Support for London council housing development teams

Photo of six-storey housing blocks built with red brick. Balconies overlook pedestrianised public space with tree and grass.
Watts Grove: Affordable housing development for LB Tower Hamlets by BPTW (Picture: BPTW)

The London boroughs are re-establishing themselves as housebuilders. The council-led housing network creates opportunities to grow their inhouse skills and expertise.   

Future of London launched the Council-Led Housing Network to provide peer-to-peer support, good practice sharing and access to expert knowledge. 

The new network is supported by the Mayor of London as part of his commitment to growing new council house building. 

The Mayor also supports the Housing Development Academy, which was set up by the London Housing Directors’ Group (LHDG) to provide development management courses specifically for council teams.  

London local authority teams can find out how to get involved and register here.

Council-led collaboration to develop skills

The academy and the housing network are examples of London boroughs collaborating to develop in-house skills and expertise. 

The network came out of the Council-Led Housing Forum. The forum enabled London boroughs to explore topics of mutual interest, share case studies and learn from expert-led seminars. 

Supporting councils’ housing development teams 

A report by Bloomberg Associates on accelerating the rate of council-led housebuilding commissioned by the Mayor of London recommended developing knowledge sharing, peer support and access to professional expertise. 

Once fully operational, the network will offer four types of support: 

  • Opportunities to discuss general development issues with an expert panel of professional consultants 
  • Continuous learning peer groups where council development managers can share experience and learn from other boroughs 
  • A project twinning programme to enable boroughs to develop similar projects in parallel 
  • A resources library which includes good practice materials. 

About the expert panel 

The expert panel provides an opportunity to discuss general development issues with consultants who have a track record in supporting council housing delivery. 

These expert discussions will enable a range of ideas and options to be considered as boroughs seek to resolve their development challenges. 

Teams working on council-led housing development can register to access this offer for free, thanks to sponsorship from the GLA and panel members. 

About project twinning

Council-led housing developments across London often face similar challenges. Twinned projects help London boroughs to collaborate more closely by connecting housing development teams to share their experiences.

By connecting council housing teams working on similar projects with similar challenges, twinned projects provide a collaborative framework for boroughs to exchange market intelligence, project delivery experience, and development good practice.

The network is open to all London boroughs. If your team is involved in council-led housing development, please register your interest here and we will be in touch. The Council-Led Housing Network is supported by the Mayor of London.

Thanks to the partners of the Council-Led Housing Network

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