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Meet the Expert Panel – Potter Raper

Potter Raper is a well-established, highly accredited, and respected construction consultancy with offices in London and the wider southeast. They have over 50 years of experience, with a strong track record in construction management for local authorities.

The company is employee owned and they trust their people to do the job properly, with confidence, authority, experience and added value.  

As construction consultants, delivering services such as building surveying, health & safety and construction management, they add value by not limiting ourselves to a schedule of services.  

Expert panel specialism: Construction management. 

In dealing with a range of issues in construction management and other services, they seek to pre-empt issues, resolving them before they even arise. Providing innovative solutions to the pressures and demands that clients like those in local authorities’ experience.  

Potter Raper brings fresh ideas and creative solutions to work so they can change the direction of schemes for the better.  Listening, adapting and great communications are the key to solving challenges.

Talk to Potter Raper about

  • Alternative forms of procurement and contract options for construction 
  • Avoiding construction disputes before they become legal  
  • Peer review on different forms of construction – considering the time cost and quality implications of particular construction methods 
  • How constraints have been unlocked previously 
  • Defect resolution, processes and systems we have utilized in the past 

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