Council-Led Housing Network

Project twinning helps council housing teams work together

A group of construction workers and professionals in suits stand in front of building with scaffolding an large crane

Council-led housing developments across London often face similar challenges. Find out how Future of London is helping council housing teams work together to find solutions more quickly.

Twinned projects help London boroughs to collaborate more closely by connecting housing development teams to share their experiences 

This initiative is delivered by the Council-led Housing Network (CLHN), which provides London local authorities with support for their development teams. The network provides peer-to-peer support, good practice-sharing, and access to expert knowledge.

What do twinned projects offer?

Twinned projects offer all London borough development teams the opportunity to learn from other council-led development projects across the capital.

By connecting council housing teams working on similar projects with similar challenges, twinned projects provide a collaborative framework for boroughs to exchange market intelligence, project delivery experience, and development good practice.

Future of London will work closely with project leads to develop a tailored programme of knowledge exchange that benefits both initiatives. This could include a mix of roundtables, site visits, and issue-based workshops.

Unlike conventional learning groups, this project-centred approach  facilitates knowledge sharing and empowers boroughs to collectively produce solutions to common challenges.

Additional benefits include:

  • Access to the Council-Led Housing Network’s expert panel
  • Wider network opportunities to connect with peers and stakeholders from across the development sector
  • Profile raising opportunities for your project through other Future of London channels.

Get involved

Contact the Future of London housing programmes team to discuss the profile of your project including their key challenges.

We will:

  • Find a matching project with a similar profile and challenges
  • Set up introductions and create the tailored programme to meet your joint objectives
  • Create a protocol to cover issues such as data-sharing and confidentiality
  • Provide continued support for the delivery of the programme.

If you would like to have your project twinned, please contact Visakha Sri Chandrasekera