Local Authority Housing Company Network

Helping local authority housing companies share insights

Group of housing professionals in a semi-circle listen to a speaker outside a new development of modern flats in Walthamstow
Housing company leaders visit The Jazz Yard developed by Sixty Bricks (Pic: Alex Sturrock)

Future of London runs a knowledge-sharing network for senior leaders of local authority housing companies in London.

Local authorities are responding to increasing housing targets and need; tight budgets, and the desire to retain assets for long-term revenue. To do this, they are shaping new approaches to housing delivery such as local authority housing companies.

At least 80% of London boroughs have set up a housing company and in the last five years the capital has seen a surge in ambition and delivery. That said, many council-owned companies are still relatively new. All are configured differently and so there is value in sharing experience.  

Network updates

Read the write-up of a network field trip to see a new Sixty Bricks development in Walthamstow here.

The network provides an informal platform to share approaches, experience, insight, sector intel and lessons learnt from council housing companies across London and beyond. The network principally involves CEOs and MDs of housing companies.

Participants benefit from a confidential, senior-level space to share best practice and lessons learned in setting up and running council-owned companies. In addition, they gain a detailed understanding of the pros and cons of different governance and delivery models. They also have access to ongoing peer support.

Join the network

Participation in the network incurs a small fee to cover costs. Please contact Sarah Yates if you would like to get involved.