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From 2015-2018, the London Housing Network (formerly the Housing Zones Network) supported public-sector organisations in meeting ambitious housing growth targets by enhancing their technical skills, sharing best practice and supporting them with a pan-London forum, as well as offering regular GLA updates on key housing initiatives and networking opportunities.

Through monthly seminars attended by a wide range of public- and private-sector professionals working in and around the housing sector, the LHN engaged with more than 1000 people, over 34 events, achieving a 98.5% satisfaction score. The Network was kindly sponsored by GLA and Potter Raper Partnership.

In November 2018 Future of London, building on the success and feedback of the London Housing Network, launched the Council-led Housing Forum. Working with GLA, Potter Raper Partnership and Red Loft, the Forum is part of the Mayor’s Building Council Homes for Londoners initiative and provides vital support for local authorities responding to increasing housing targets, tightening budgets and the desire to retain assets for long-term revenue.

For more information, contact Nicola Mathers.


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Report on the GLA’s Housing Zones programme, assessing progress and initial impacts, including which types of interventions are proving effective and how momentum can be sustained over the lifetime of the programme. Download the report.