Private Rented Sector Forum

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While London’s private rented sector (PRS) grows, borough enforcement teams combating rogue landlords and letting agents remain under-resourced and struggle to recruit enough qualified officers to take up posts. Trading standards teams also have a key role to play in protecting tenants but suffer from their own capacity gaps, which are further compounded by the often weak links between trading standards and enforcement teams.

Officers are challenged to adapt their work to the variety of recent legislative changes, yet the scale of work leaves little time to get up to speed. A new PRS Forum will address this by creating a discursive, operationally focused platform for existing practitioners.

The value of this forum was recognised by the Mayor’s PRS Partnership – a strategic and high-level group of borough PRS enforcement and trading standards teams, with GLA housing officers. The Partnership identified a clear appetite from boroughs to build skills and capacity within their enforcement teams, and for a space to share best practice and discuss the common challenges they face.

PRS Forum

Launching in May 2020, the Private Rented Sector Forum is a new bi-monthly seminar and workshop series for borough housing practitioners focused on improving the lives of private tenant communities. The forum is steered by a GLA and cross-borough advisory group, and delivered by Future of London.

The forum will help experienced PRS officers learn from invited speakers and their peers, while fostering a culture of professional development and continual improvement to services. It is part of a package of GLA support such as formal training to encourage new talent into the sector and to upskill existing officers, and will complement GLA’s existing strategic PRS Partnership by focusing on operational knowledge and support.

Get involved

We’d like to connect with London local authority enforcement and trading standards teams, as well as any private- and third-sector organisations who support the work of these teams. For more info and how to get involved, please contact PRS Forum Manager, Jo Wilson.


Each session will explore different priorities with invited guest speakers, facilitated workshops, discussion and networking. See our events page for details of upcoming sessions and how to register your interest.


Council-Led Housing Forum
The PRS Forum is part Future of London’s series of projects supporting London borough housing delivery teams. Find out about Future of London’s Council-Led Housing Forum – a monthly seminar series helping borough housing delivery teams share experience, showcase projects, test new ideas and establish cross-borough connections.

Engaging with the PRS project
As part of a three-year project Future of London’s PRS research investigated approaches to addressing the sector’s complex challenges, and shared learning and best practice across London boroughs, housing associations, the GLA and the wider industry, including a focus on the growing Build to Rent sector. Read more about the project.