Law firm Devonshires backs future leaders programme

Future of London is delighted that law firm Devonshires has become a co-sponsor of Future London Leaders, the established leadership development programme. Future London Leaders (FLL) launched in 2010 to support the professional development of promising practitioners in the built environment sector. There are now over 500 graduates of the … Read more

Redefining Community in Manchester

The best way to get your head around a place is to experience it – with that in mind, a key part of GM Leaders Plus is field trips. We focus on emerging places, innovative ideas and effective cross-sector partnerships, with trips set up by the team and by candidates. See where we’ve gone in 2022…

Collaboration is the key to tackling the growing affordable housing crisis

Future of London hosts its annual conference on affordable housing at a critical time when the prospect of a major housing market readjustment is putting the viability of schemes across the capital in question.

Tackling the affordable housing shortage in London remains the number one challenge for urban professionals working with and for local authorities. The continuing demand for homes across all tenures in London and the retrofit requirement to meet net-zero targets add to the pressure.

Podcast: Can tall buildings ever be socially sustainable?

In the first of our City of Tomorrow podcast series, sponsored by Montagu Evans, our experts consider whether tall residential buildings can ever be socially sustainable. Debating a question that has bothered generations of urbanists are Frank Filskow of Make Architects and Claire Bennie of Municipal. Holding the ring in … Read more