City Bites: Podcast with Naz Hussain, RB Kingston

The cost of Covid-19 has hit local authorities hard. They are facing colossal debt and reduced income streams that are unlikely to bounce back in the short term. However, local authorities are rising to the challenge, developing strategies and relationships that will help them in the long term. Greater agility, faster decision-making, and deeper and broader relationships with local partners such as charities, businesses and schools are likely to persist beyond the lockdown.

For this City Bites podcast, the fourth in our ‘leading through crisis’ series, our guest is Nazeya Hussain, Executive Director of Place at RB Kingston. She was talking with Laura Davy, Neighbourhood Regeneration Manager, LB Lambeth and an FoL Alumni Rep about personal resilience, motivating remote teams and the importance of council leadership in the borough.

You can also read Nazeya’s excellent piece on ‘local government at a crossroads’ in Management Journal.

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