Future leaders present their ideas on the future of cities

After a six-months of learning and field trips, our Future London Leaders group (FLL34) pitched their ideas for the future of cities, including a game to engage young people and an app with data on the “female experience”.

Candidates presented their ideas to an audience of colleagues, mentors, alumni, course contributors, and friends of Future of London. After a quick round of Q&A, the audience were invited to cast their votes under the categories of ‘Favourite idea’, ‘Most feasible idea’ and ‘Best pitch’.


Download summaries of all the Proposals for London.

Congratulations to all the candidates – we look forward to seeing your leadership journeys continue. Everyone’s a winner, but… the audience voted on their favourite pitches in three categories so well done to the winners: Mikyla Davidson, Jay Marway and Jay Allan. 

Favourite idea 

FeminiCITY – An urban experience app for women in London
Mikyla Davidson, Principal Planner, Arup

In her book ‘Invisible Women’ Caroline Criado Perez explains how a lack of gender-disaggregated data has led to cities being designed around male needs as the default. This is the reality in London and the inequality is even more profound for women from lower-income, discriminated and minority groups.

Mikyla proposed a new app aimed at bridging the gender data gap, and unlocking more of London for the women and girls who live, work and play here. With data on the ‘female experience’ to-hand, designers and decision-makers will be better equipped to deliver a more inclusive London for the future.

Most feasible idea

Health and the City
Jay Marway

Most of us make a pledge to take better care of our health, only to be sabotaged by working in a fast-paced city like London. Evidence also shows there are a higher number of mental health issues and depression in cities compared with rural areas. In order to give our Londoners their health back, Jay proposed to introduce subliminal city prompts in three key areas we know support wellbeing: food, exercise and nature. She believes we can create a culture which not only gives Londoners permission to prioritise themselves, but also creates an environment which supports that decision.

Best pitch 

Unleashing the power of play – how gaming can encourage young people to shape the future of London
Jay Allan, Associate Director, London Communications Agency

Young people make up a large proportion of our city and are crucial in shaping its future. But research shows that only 11% of 16–18-year-olds have been asked to share their thoughts on the future of their neighbourhoods. Involving young people in shaping their cities is crucial in strengthening social cohesion, developing trust with developers and inspiring a new generation of urban visionaries. But how can we encourage them to get involved a fun, meaningful and inclusive way? We need to make engagement with young people mandatory and exciting – and new legislation and gaming could provide the answer.

Congratulations to all Future London Leaders 34 candidates and welcome to the Alumni Network! 

  • Jay Allan, Associate Director, London Communications Agency
  • Sophie Beagles, Principal Regeneration Officer, LB Ealing
  • Ahmad Bismillah, Senior Project Officer, GLA Good Growth
  • Mikyla Davidson, Principal Planner, Arup
  • Chloe Flower, Principal City Planner, Transport for London
  • Stephanie Goldberg, Area Manager, GLA Housing & Land
  • Angela Jones, Project Manager, LB Hackney
  • Jamie Leonard, Solicitor, Devonshires
  • Jay Marway
  • Krishan Nathaniel, Principal Urban Design Officer, LB Harrow
  • Giorgia Scognamiglio, Regeneration Project Manager, LB Waltham Forest
  • Jan Slominski, Applications Team Leader (Development Management), LB Croydon
  • Rachel Thevanesan, Business Support Programme Manager, Westminster City Council
  • Harry Wackett, Associate, Montagu Evans

Thank you to all the FLL34 mentors for their time, energy and insight: 

  • Jackie Fearon, Director of Resident & Community Services, Housing Solutions
  • Neil Kirby, Head of Regeneration South, LB Southwark
  • Rajiv Sudan
  • Lizzie Pillinger, Senior Associate, Trowers & Hamlins
  • Elaine Taylor, Director of Development – Cambridge Road Estate, RB Kingston
  • Katherine Hosea, Head of Development, LLDC
  • Meera Bedi, Head of New Build, Barnet Homes
  • Ciron Edwards, Director, Kanda Consulting
  • Saghar Roya, Partner, Devonshires
  • Dan Pope, Chief Planning Officer, LB Camden
  • Katie Randall, Associate Director, Arup
  • Matthew Nimmo, Director, Inner Circle Consulting
  • Nicola Tilbury, Director, Potter Raper
  • Philippa Bancroft, Senior Manager, GLA Housing & Land

Find out more about the Future London Leaders programme here. 

Thanks to Urbancanda for continuing to deliver first-class leadership modules and to programme supporters SEC Newgate for hosting the event. Future London Leaders is sponsored by Devonshires.