Future London Leaders 24: Proposals for London

Future London Leaders 24 concluded on Wednesday 17 June with candidates pitching their Proposals for London in webinar format. The team are incredibly proud of this cohort for adapting so quickly to their online learning environment as the course was transformed partway through.

With the cohort divided into two groups for morning and afternoon webinars, virtual audiences of colleagues, mentors, sponsors, alumni, course contributors and friends of Future of London tuned in and cast their votes from home.

In line with Future of London’s current major project, we challenged candidates to present a Proposal for London on the theme of Achieving Net Zero. As the culmination of the course, candidates had the chance to pitch their ideas and engage in lively Q&A with the audience, using skills learnt and enhanced through the programme.

Future of London will be rescheduling the graduation section of the event in order for candidates to celebrate and network with their peers and mentors once it is safe to do so.

See all candidates' Proposals in brief 100-word summaries.

Candidates and webinar attendees cast their votes in three categories and the results were as follows:

Group 1

Favourite Idea

Felicity Scott, Project Coordinator, Poplar HARCA
Closed loops and co-location – maximising industrial land for multiple gain

There is increasing demand on the capital to deliver much needed housing targets and protect industrial land. My proposal suggests a way to co-locate residential with ‘clean’ bio-industry, that contributes to net zero targets and identifies a potential site and partners. Based on Circular Economy principles, the site will ‘close the loop’ on food waste, where it will process it into energy and partner with innovative enterprises to transform waste into high quality products for sale. Such bio-industry is emission free, allowing co-location with new residential properties, while also bringing ‘waste’ into public view, inspiring residents to become agents of change.

Most Feasible

Will Bradley, Principal Policy Officer, GLA 
Four wheels bad, two or three much better: how cargo bikes will save our city

My proposal for London will drive a shift from vans to cargo bikes in the City of London to demonstrate how to achieve net zero in the UK’s freight and logistics sector. Pre COVID-19, van traffic in London had been growing for decades, worsening congestion, air quality, road danger, and carbon emissions. Most vans are still powered by fossil fuels. A pilot in the City of London featuring motor traffic restrictions, consolidation centres and incentives will make cargo bike logistics the norm, not just a niche activity.

Best Pitch

Charlene Goudkuil, Land Manager, Catalyst
GreenGauge – together we can make a difference

GreenGauge is an app that enables users to reduce their carbon footprint by making more informed everyday choices. From the energy we use at home, transport modes we take and products we buy, our many small decisions add up to a massive impact on our planet. GreenGauge is the first app that provides carbon data on all aspects of daily life, empowering users to make choices that reduce their carbon footprint. GreenGauge will help set monthly targets where users can build loyalty within the app and in return get rewarded for their actions with vouchers and discounts from local businesses.

Group 2

Favourite Idea

Monique Wallace, Planning Lead – Strategic Housing Team, LB Lewisham
NetZerothatplot.com – A collaborative approach to delivering net zero homes

With a need to minimise fuel poverty and CO2 levels, NetZerothatplot.com is an online portal providing the resources required to deliver carbon neutral homes using techniques and materials used in Passivhaus projects. Small builders and architects would sign up to the portal and have access to discounted materials, shared knowledge, and projects to bid for, using a framework to manage and compare costs. Plot and small sites owners list their sites on the portal and small businesses and suppliers bid to work together to deliver carbon neutral homes.

Most Feasible

Mike Bottomley, Senior Planner, Tibbalds
Lanes for London

Improving London’s cycling modal share would bring improvements in air quality, public health, public transport capacity and reduced congestion. However, to increase uptake of cycling, high quality infrastructure needs to be in place: the ‘build it and they will come’ approach. What’s more, delivering high quality cycling infrastructure can be expensive, disruptive and face political opposition. My proposal is to develop a toolkit of guidance and mobile infrastructure for temporary and scalable bike lanes that can quickly and cheaply be installed. This will give people an opportunity to use segregated cycle lanes to build political support, whilst minimising the financial cost and political capital needed to install them.

Best Pitch

Ayesha Ovaisi, Development Manager, LB Hammersmith & Fulham
A roadmap to net zero carbon new build homes

In May 2019 the UK published its vision to become a net zero carbon contributor by 2050. The Mayor of London went one step further and set an ambitious target for the city to achieve this by 2030. London’s housing crisis has meant that local authorities are becoming house-builders again to meet the demand for affordable housing in the city. My proposal examines how local authorities, including their planning powers, can play a crucial role in achieving these targets starting from first principles and reviewing every step of the development process from inception through to completion of new homes.


Congratulations to all Future London Leaders 24 candidates!

  • Gabija Bingelyte, Senior Project Leader, Strategic Estates
  • Robert Bloss, Senior Development Surveyor, Red Loft
  • Mike Bottomley, Senior Planner, Tibbalds
  • Will Bradley, Principal Policy Officer, GLA
  • Gisselle Casio, Housing Development Officer, LB Tower Hamlets
  • Ashton Dean, Development Delivery Manager, City of Westminster
  • Charlene Goudkuil, Land Manager, Catalyst
  • Hermela Habtegebrel, Principal Planner (Inclusive Economy Officer), LB Islington
  • Jane Havemann, Interim Head of Estate Regeneration, LB Hackney
  • Sophie Lee, Senior Planner, OPDC
  • George McCullough, Sutton Town Centre Masterplan Delivery Programme Manager, LB Sutton
  • Ayesha Ovaisi, Development Manager, LB Hammersmith & Fulham
  • George Rudman, Development Programme Manager, Hyde Housing
  • Felicity Scott, Project Coordinator, Poplar HARCA
  • Monique Wallace, Planning Lead – Strategic Housing Team, LB Lewisham

Thank you to all of the FLL24 mentors for switching to virtual mentoring and contributing time, energy and insight to the programme:

    • Mark Adams, Head of Area Regeneration Delivery, LB Waltham Forest
    • Virginia Blackman, National Head of Site Assembly & Compulsory Purchase, Avison Young
    • Jackie Fearon, Director of Resident Services, Gateway Housing Association
    • Jonathan Goldstraw, Senior Project Director, Hyde Housing
    • Steve Kennard, Regeneration Director, Hadley Property Group
    • Abdul Khan, Service Manager – Energy, Sustainability & Private Sector Housing, LB Tower Hamlets
    • Sherine Mcfarlane, Head of Social & Economic Regeneration, Notting Hill Genesis
    • Chris Paddock, Director, PRD
    • Vanessa Pilla, Socio-economic Development Manager, Lendlease
    • Daniel Pope, Chief Planning Officer, LB Camden
    • Kaye Stout, Partner, Pollard Thomas Edwards
    • Danny Sutcliffe, Partner, Red Loft
    • Elaine Taylor, previously Land, Acquisitions & Planning Director, L&Q
    • Martin Tedder, Growth and Masterplanning Manager, TfL
    • Nicola Tilbury, Partner, Potter Raper Ltd
    • Anthony van Hoffen, Partner, Lewis Silkin

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